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2010 Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University BE Computer Engineering C.s.v.t.u exam- April 2010 ,4th semester , information technology (DATA STRUCTURE) Question paper

Course: BE Computer Engineering   University/board: Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University

it is the previous year question paper from chhatisgarh swami vivekanand technical University. This is the original question paper from the I.T 4th semester exam conducted by (c.s.v.t.u) University in year 2010 april. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams. thanks...

B.E. (4th semester)


Branch- Information technology

(Data structure)

Time allowed: Three Hours
Maximum marks : 80
minimum marks : 28

Note (i) part(a) of each unit is compulsory
(ii) Attempt any two parts from (b)(c)and (d)


(a)what are the various operation can be performed in data structure. 2

(b)explain how a two dimensional array is represented in memory . Name some areas to apply two dimension array. 7

(c)what is a pivot element . Write an algorithm for quick sort. 7

(d)write an algorithm for binary search and search the item "80" from the following list-


(a)what is linked list? list different types of linked list. 2

(b)explain the insertion of a node in simple linked list at the following position- 7
(i) start of the list
(ii) end of the list
(iii)after a given node

(c)which operation are performed on linked list?explain any one in detail. 7

(d)Briefly discuss the joseples problem.Explain how circular linked list can be used to solve this problem. 7


(a)Differentiate between stack and queue. 2

(b)write an algorithm to transform infix expression to postfix expreson. 7

(c)explain the tower of hanoi problem with the algorithm . 7

(d)what is a priority queue ? Explain its array representation. 7


(a)what is binary tree ? 2

(b)Explain "INORDER" traversal of binary tree with algorithm. 7

(c)how a node is inserted and deleted in a heap tree.Explain with example. 7

(d)Explain m-way search tree here what is the significance of m. 7


(a)Define the path and adjacency matrix. 2

(b)explain with example the linked list representation of graph. 7

(c)Explain warshalls algorithm for finding the shortest path. 7

(d)what is topological sorting ? explain its algorithm. 7

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