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2011 Mahamaya Technical University B.Tech Civil Engineering B.Tech (Second Semester) Theory Examination, 2011-12 Geoinformatics Question paper

Course: B.Tech Civil Engineering   University/board: Mahamaya Technical University

Are you looking for the old question papers of Mahamaya Technical University Noida B.Tech Civil Geoinformatics? Here is the previous year question paper from Mahamaya Technical University Noida. This is the original question paper from the B.Tech Civil fourth semester exam conducted by Mahamaya Technical University Noida in year 2011. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

Second Semester) Theory Examination, 2011-12

Time: 3 hours
Total Marks: 100

Note: (i) This question paper has three sections A,B and C.
(ii) Attempt all questions.
(iii) Marks and number of questions to be attempted from each section is mentioned before the section.
(iv) Assume missing data suitably. Illustrate the answer with suitable sketches.


1. This section has ten parts of short answer type questions. Attempt all parts [10 * 2 = 20]

(a) Describe aerial camera with the help of its neat sketch.
(b) List various Indian satellites.
(c) Write the various characteristics of any one satellite.
(d) Enumerate the concept of stereoscopy.
(e) What do you mean by relief displacement?
(f) Derive the expression for relief displacement.
(g) List the characteristics of photograph images?
(h) Write a short note on photo interpretation.
(i) What so you mean by ideal remote sensing system?
(j) How the data are obtained from a remote sensing satellite?

2. Attempt any five parts of the following: [5 * 6 = 30]
(a) With the help of their comparative study, explain:
(i) Multi band and multi stage imaginary
(ii) Standard data and geocoded data
(b) Explain wave model of electromagnetic radiation.
(c) Write brief note on the interaction of electromagnetic energy with matter.
(d) Explain the method of image rectification.
(e) What do you mean by topology?
(f) Explain the terms data modeling and data output.
(g) Distinguish between static, kinematic and differential GPS.


Question No. 3 to 7 has three parts each. Attempt any two parts from each question. [5 * 10 = 50]

3. (a) A tower AB is 40 m high, and the elevation of its bottom of its bottom b is 800m above mean sea-level. The distance of the image of the tower on a vertical photograph, taken at a flight altitude of 1800m above mean sea-level, is 8.42cm. Compute the displacement of the image of the top of the tower with respect to the image of its bottom.

(b) Explain the various geometric and radiometric corrections to satellite data.

(c) What are the various classification schemes of remote sensing data? Explain any one in detail.

4.(a) What do you understand by the term GIS?

(b) Describe the concept of GIS in detail.

(c) How the basic entities are represented in raster and vector data nodel?

5. (a) How accuracy is being checked of the classified image? Explain it with any one example.

(b) Describe the general topology vector data model.

(c) Differentiate between topology vector data model and spaghetti model.

6. (a) What do you understand by GPS? How it is helpful in mapping?

(b) Describe the working of GPS in detail.

(c) With the help of its comparative study explain the kinematics and differential GPS.

7. (a) Briefly describe the satellite navigation system.

(b) Write short note on space-segment, control segment and user segment with reference to GPS.

(c) Explain in brief the GPS satellite signals and receivers.

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