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2014 Biju Patnaik University of Technology B.Tech Electrical Engineering BPUT 7th semester Question paper

Course: B.Tech Electrical Engineering   University/board: Biju Patnaik University of Technology

Are you looking for the BPUT 7th semester question of High Voltage Engineering.Here is the original question paper of Advanced Control System 2014.Feel free to download the question paper from here for your upcoming exams.

Full Marks-70
TIME:3 Hours

Answer Question No.1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest.
The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks.

1.Answer the following questions. 2*10=20
a.Define uniform and non-uniform field and give examples of each.
b.Define Townsend's coefficients.
c.What is time lag in the breakdown of dielectrics?
d.What is Townsend's discharge and explain its main features?
e.What are the various factors influencing breakdown in gas?
f.What are the various parameters that alter the breakdown strength of liquid dielectrics?
g.What are the applications of impulse current waveforms of high magnitude?
h.What is high voltage d.c.measurement techniques used?
i.Why are capacitive voltage dividers preferred for AC high voltege measurements?
j.What are partial discharges?

2.What are electronegative gases?Discuss the criteria fir its breakdown.Why its breakdown strength is higher than other gas?
3.a.Explain streamer theory of breakdown in gases. 5
b.Define vaccum and its categories.Describe breakdown in vaccum. 5

4 a.Explain the various theories that explain breakdown in commercial liquid dielectrics. 5
b.Explain thermal breakdown in solid dielectrics. 5

5 a.Explain cascade connection for production high alternating voltage.Explain the use of isolation transformer. 5
b.Why is controlled triggering required in an impulse generator?Explain typical trigger arrangement. 5

6 a.What are partial discharge and how are they detected under power frequency operating condition?5
b.Discuss measurement of dielectric constant and loss tangent of capacitor. 5

7 a.Explain impulse testing of power transformer. 5
b.What is non destructive testing of insulating materials?Give the characteristic of these methods briefly. 5

8 Write short notes on any two: 2*5=10
a.Corona Discharge
b.Breakdown in composite diectrics
c.Measuremrnt of high current impulse
d.Testing of surge arresters.


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