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2015 Karnatak University Education P.U.C. Commerce (CEBA) Second year Pre university Board Examination - Commerce Paper 2015 (CEBA) Question paper

Course: P.U.C. Commerce (CEBA)   University/board: Karnatak University

Here is the recently conducted economics question paper from pre- university board Karnataka commerce stream. For those who are pursuing first year commerce will find this question paper very useful-for reference and to practice.

Pre-university Board Of Examination - 2015
Commerce (CEBA)


Time: 3hours 15 Minutes [Total No. of questions:41 ] [Max Marks :100]

1. Answer the following questions in one sentence each: (1x10=10)

1. What is utility?

2. Define "Demand".

3. Who introduced the concept of real cost?

4. Write the meaning of Market.

5. Give the meaning of 'Duopoly'.

6. What do you mean by Macro-economics?

7. Expand GDP.

8. What is barter system?

9. What is saving?

10. Give the meaning of foreign trade.


II. Answer any ten of the following questions in four sentences each (2x10=20)

11. What are the basic functions of an economy?

12. Mention any two properties of budget line.

13. Name the factors of production.

14. Write any two differences between firm and industry.

15. What are selling costs? What is their main objective?

16. Name any two areas of study under macro-economics.

17. Name the methods of measuring national income.

18. Give four objectives of monetary policy.

19. How is saving equal to investment?

20. Distinguish between surplus budget and deficit budget.

22. What are the differences between balance of trade and balance of payment?


III. Answer any eight of the following questions in 15 sentences each: (5x8=40)

23. Discuss the three fundamental economic problems.

24. Explain any five uses of micro economics.

25. Explain any five properties of indifference curves.

26. Classify the price elasticity of demand.

27. Explain the laws of returns of scale with the help of diagram.

28. What is oligopoly market? Write down the characteristics of oligopoly market.

29. Describe the features of monopoly.

30. ' Although macro-economics has gained maximum popularity', yet it is not free from limitations'. Justify this statement.

31. Explain the primary and secondary functions of money.

32. What is investment? Explain the types of investment.

33. Explain the role of public expenditure as an instrument of fiscal policy.

34. Explain the theories of determination of exchange rate.

IV. Answer any two of the following questions in 40 sentences each. (2x10=20)

35. Explain the laws of diminishing marginal utility with a schedule and diagram.

36. Give the meaning of supply and explain the law of supply with the help of a schedule and diagram.

37. Discuss the difficulties in the measurement of national income.

38. Explain the functions of commercial banks.

V. Answer any two of the following questions in 15 sentences each: (5x2=10)

39. As per the demand function Qd = 40-2p, when the price of tomato per kg., is Rs. 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16, then calculate the quantity of demand and derive an individual demand curve.

40. Calculate the missing costs:
1 50 ? 70 50 ? ?
2 ? 30 ? 25 ? 40
3 50 ? 90 ? 13.33 30
4 50 60 110 12.5 15 27.5
5 50 90 ? 10 18 ?

41. If the demand and supply function of raw cotton are Qd = 250-50p and Qs=25 + 25p, find the equilibrium price and the equilibrium quantity demanded and supplied and prove that any price other than equilibrium price leads either to excess supply or excess demand.


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