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2015 Karnatak University Education P.U.C. Commerce (CEBA) Computer Science Question paper

Course: P.U.C. Commerce (CEBA)   University/board: Karnatak University

Are you preparing for Second Year PUC examination. Here is Computer Science 2015 Question Paper conducted by Pre-University Board. Feel free to download the question paper and prepare for your upcoming examination.


( Second Year question Paper ) 2015

Time : 3 hours 15 minutes [Total No. of questions : 37] [ Max Marks :70]

Note: Answer all the following questions . Each question carries one (10 x 1=10)

1. What is data bus?

2. Which basic gate is also called as inverter?

3. What is meant by primitive data structure?

4. What is a member function?

5. Write the declaration syntax for a pointer.

6. Define primary key.

7. Expand FTP

8. What is network topology?

9. What is free ware?

10. Mention the uses of HTML.


II. Answer any five questions . Each question carries two marks. (5x2=10)

11. Prove that X+XY=X

12. Define minterm and maxterm.

13. Briefly discuss the classes in OOP.

14. What is a destructor? Write its syntax.

15. Differentiate between if stream and of stream.

16. What is data independence? Mention the types of data independence.

17. Give the syntax and example for DELETE command in SQL.

18. Explain half duplex communication mode.


III. Answer any five questions. Each question caries three marks (5x3=15)

19. What is a port? Explain serial port.

20. Write the logic diagram and truth table for NOR gate.

21. Write an algorithm for PUSH operation in stack

22. What are the operations performed on pointers.

23. Give the functions of put ( ), get ( ) and getline ( ) w.r.t. text files.

24. Briefly explain one –tier database architecture.

25. What is web browser?" Mention any two web browsers.

26. Explain any three text formatting tags in HTML.


IV. Answer any seven questions. Each question carries five marks. (7x5=35)

27. Given the Boolean function

F(W,X,Y,Z)= ? ( 0, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,13,15 )

Reduce it by using Karnaugh map.

28. Explain any five basic operations performed on arrays.

29. Explain the advantages of object oriented programming.

30. Write an algorithm to delete a data element from the queue

31. What is class definition? Write its general syntax and an example.

32. What is an inline function? Write a simple program for it.

33. What is a constructor? Give the rules for writing a constructor function.

34. What is inheritance? Explain any types of inheritance.

35. What is data warehouse? Briefly explain its components.

36. Explain the various group functions in SQL.

37. Explain any five network devices.

Wishing you the best.

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