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2014 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad B.E. Computer Engineering Computer Engineering(CO)2nd year 4th Semester Winter 2014 Paper of B.A.M University Question paper

Course: B.E. Computer Engineering   University/board: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad

Computer Engineering(CO) 2nd year 4th Semester Previous year question paper 2014 of B.A.M.U. It is very beneficial for the students who are practicing for this year paper this paper will help them to score good marks.

12113 /14115 3 Hours / 100 Marks

1. (A) Attempt any SIX : [ 12 ]
(a) What is extended memory ?
(b) List different recording techniques.
(c) Give any two specifications of Laser Printer.
(d) What is TWAIN ?
(e) What is Load regulation & Ripple ?
(f) List two features of firewire.
(g) Give steps for fault finding.
(h) Define : Track, Sector.

(B) Attempt any TWO : [8 ]
(a) Give four advantages of CRT over LCD.
(b) Draw & explain capacitive key switch.
(c) Define : Blackout, Brownout, Surge & Spike.

2. Attempt any FOUR : [16 ]
(a) Draw & explain HUB architecture in detail.
(b) What is Real mode & Protected mode of processor ?
(c) Differentiate FAT16 & FAT32. (any 4 points)
(d) What is servo technique ? Explain dedicated servo technique.
(e) State four differences between interlaced & non-interlaced display.
(f) Draw & explain video accelerator card.

3. Attempt any FOUR : [16 ]
(a) With neat diagram, elaborate working of Ink-jet printer.
(b) Draw functional block diagram of flat bed scanner.
(c) With neat diagram, explain working of SMPS.
(d) Differentiate between On-line and Off-line UPS. (4 points)
(e) Explain any four centronic interface signals from printer to pc.
(f) List four features of USB.

4. Attempt any FOUR : [16 ]
(a) Explain four features of PCI bus.
(b) Draw labelled diagram of Hard disk construction.
(c) With neat diagram explain different components of DVD.
(d) Define the terms related to CRT
(i) Frame rate
(ii) Video bandwidth
(iii) Dot pitch
(iv) Resolution
(e) Explain working of general UPS with diagram.
(f) Explain SCSI drive configuration.

5. Attempt any FOUR : [16 ]
(a) Explain features of Intel 915G chipset.
(b) What is formatting of a hard disk ? How it is achieved in practice ?
(c) Give any four specifications of blue ray disk.
(d) Describe problems related to
(i) Monitor
(ii) Printer
(e) What is preventive maintenance of peripherals ?
(f) Explain RS-232 with signal description.

6. Attempt any FOUR : [16]
(a) Draw & explain working of Optomechanical mouse.
(b) Draw a schematic of logic probe and explain its working.
(c) Give preliminary checks for following problems :
(i) No display, no beep
(ii) Printer don't print properly
(d) Draw functional block diagram of Internal modem.

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