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2014 Uttarakhand Technical University B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering Utu,Computer Graphics paper of btech computer science. Question paper

Course: B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering   University/board: Uttarakhand Technical University

Here are the result of your search, utu btech 5 sem, computer science paper of computer graphics are given here you can solve it, and prepare for your exam.

Computer Graphics
Time:3hours Total marks:100
Q1. Attempt any four: (4×5=20)
a. What are the different components of modern graphics display?
b. What is computer graphics? Explain the brief various application areas of computer graphics.
c. Explain the role of pixel and frame buffer in graphic devices.
d. Define the graphics primitives. Mention some tipical graphics primitives.
e. What is CRT? What are problems with the CRT as a computer display?
f. Describe the character generation in computer graphics.

Q2. Attempt any four: (4×5=20)
a. Discuss the Bresenhams line algorithm with an example.
b. Consider three different raster system with resolution of 640×480,1280×1024,2560×2048. What size of frame buffer (in bytes) is needed for each of these systems to store 12 bits/pixel.
c. Explain the polygon representation. What is the use of polygon in computer graphics?
d. Explain the display file structure with suitable example.
e. Draw a line from point (-1,-1) to point (4,5) using the Bresenhams algorithm.
f. Explain the scan line and boundary fill algorithm with example.

Q3.Attempt any two: (10×2=20)
a. Use the Cohen Sutherland algo to clip the line P1(70,20) and P2 (100,10) against a Window lower left hand corner (50,10) and upper right hand corner (80,40).
b. Consider the square A (1,0),B(0,0), C(0,1), D(1,1). Rotate the square ABCD by 45° clockwise about A(1,0).
c. Explain the rotation transformation and translation transformation with example.

Q4. Attempt any two: (10×2=20)
a. Explain the 3D transformation reflection about X-axis and Y -axis in detail.
b. What do you mean by parallel projection. Explain with suitable example.
c. Write a short note on:
•Axonometric Projections
• Oblique projections
•3D transformation

Q5. Attempt any two: (10×2=20)
a. Define the sierpinski gasket and its application.
b.write a short note on:
• the openGL API
•three-dimensional gasket
c. Explain the openGL API primitives, attributes and controlling functions.

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