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2015 M.Sc Computer Science Java programming fifth semester degree examination of Kerala university University Question paper

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Are you looking for the old question papers of MSc computer science? Here is the previous year question papers from Kerala university. This is the original question paper of java programming fifth semester MSc computer science examination conducted at Kerala university. Feel free to download the original question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

Java programming

Section A
25 questions of 1 marks each
1. Which method can be defined only once in a program?
a) main method
b) finalize method
c) static method
d) private method

2. Which of these is used to access member of class before object of that class is created?
a) public
b) private
c) static
d) protected

3. Which of these keywords is used to refer to member of base class from a sub class?
a) upper
b) super
c) this
d) None of the mentioned

4. Which of the following is correct way of implementing an interface salary by class manager?
a) class manager extends salary {}
b) class manager implements salary {}
c) class manager imports salary {}
d) None of the mentioned.

5. Which operator is used by Java run time implementations to free the memory of an object when it is no longer needed?
a) delete
b) free
c) new
d) None of the mentioned

6.What is the return type of Constructors?
a) int
b) float
c) void
d) None of the mentioned

7. Which keyword is used by method to refer to the object that invoked it?
a) import
b) catch
c) abstract
d) this

8. Which function is used to perform some action when the object is to be destroyed?
a) finalize()
b) delete()
c) main()
d) None of the mentioned

9. Which of the folowingstements are incorrect?
a) Default constructor is called at the time of declaration of the object if a constructor has not been defined.
b) Constructor can be parameterized.
c) finalize() method is called when a object goes out of scope and is no longer needed.
d) finalize() method must be declared protected.

10. .When does Exceptions in Java arises in code sequence?
a) Run Time
b) Compilation Time
c) Can Occur Any Time
d) None of the mentioned

11. Which of these keywords must be used to monitor for exceptions?
a) try
b) finally
c) throw
d) catch

12. Which of these access specifiers can be used for a class so that it's members can be accessed by a different class in the different package?
a) Public
b) Protected
c) Private
d) No Modifier

13. Collection of classes that can be used:
a) Super class b) Package c) Both A and B d) None of the above

14. Which one of the following methods keeps the Thread t in run state?
a) t.start()
c) t.setRun( )
d) t.stop

15. How many arguments can be passed to main()?
a) Infinite
b) Only
c) System Dependent
d) None of the mentioned

16. What is the output of this program, Command line exceution is done as – "java Output This is a command Line"?
1. class Output {
2. public static void main(String args[]) {
3. System.out.print("args[3]");
4. }
5. }
a) java
b) is
c) This
d) command

17.What is the output of this program?
1. class output {
2. public static void main(String args[])
3. {
4. StringBuffer c = new StringBuffer("Hello");
5. StringBuffer c1 = new StringBuffer(" World");
6. c.append(c1);
7. System.out.println(c);
8. }
9. }
a) Hello
b) World
c) Helloworld
d) Hello World

18.Which of these functions is called to display the output of an applet?
a) display()
b) print()
c) displayApplet()
d) PrintApplet()

19. Java will automatically define a constructor
A. if the programmer does not define a default constructor for a class
B. if the programmer does not define any constructors for a class
C. if the program refers to a constructor with no parameters
D. for every class defined in a program

20. Which of these keywords can be used to prevent Method overriding?
a) static
b) constant
c) protected
d) final

21. Invoking a method means
A. checking the method for errors
B. designing the method
C. asking the method to do its job
D. revising the method

22. A method is invoked by
A. writing the name of the method followed by a colon and the name of the calling object
B. writing the name of the calling object followed by a dot and a list of values in parentheses
C. listing the name of the calling object and the name of the method inside parentheses
D. writing the name of calling object, followed by a dot, followed by name of method and a list of values in parentheses

23. The term overloaded refers to
A. an error where more than one method matches a method call
B. two or more methods in the same class that have the same name
C. method calls where there are two many actual parameters
D. two or more methods in different classes that have the same name

24. What will happen if a program uses an array index that is out of bounds?
A. The compiler will give an error message and will not compile the program.
B. The compiler will give a warning but will still compile the program.
C. The program will compile but Java will give an error message when the program runs.
D. The program will compile and run with no error messages but might give incorrect results.

25. Which operator is used by Java run time implementations to free memory of an object when it is no longer needed?
a) delete
b) free
c) new
d) None of the mentioned

Section B 5 questions of 1 marks each
1. A __________ method is a method that can be invoked using the class name instead of an object name.
2. A(n) ________________________ is a special kind of method used to initialize objects.
3. A(n) ____________________________ is a collection of related classes that serves as a class library.
4. The parameter to main is a(n) __________.
5. It is possible to throw an exception explicitly using the ___________________________ statement.

Section C 10 questions of 1 marks each
1. The computer will not print an error message when a logic error occurs.
2. System.out is an example of a method.
3. Every statement with if must also include else.
4. A multibranchif-else statement is one kind of nested if-else statement.
5. Constructors have return type void.
6. All objects of the same class have the same data values.
7. Parameters of a primitive type are passed to methods using the call-by-value mechanism.
8. Java supports multithreading programming.
9. Java is the java compiler.
10. To create an object of a class type, the word const is used.

Section D 2questions of 5 marks each
1. Explain life cycle of thread?
2. Write a program to reverse the digit of no and print the sum of them?

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