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2015 Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology B.Sc. Botany and Biotechnology degree second semester examination November 2015 Question paper

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Are you looking for the old question papers of B.Sc. Botany and Biotechnology Degree Examination of Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology? Here is the previous year question paper. This is the original question paper from the B.Sc. Botany and Biotechnology Examination of Microbiology and Microbial Biotechnology second semester exam conducted at Mahatma Gandhi University. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams

Semester II

Time: 1 '/2hour Max weight: 13

Section A
(Each bunch of four questions carries a weight of one each)

Answer all of the following:

1. The most commonly encountered bacteria are roughly spherical.
The microbiological term describing this is:
a. Coccus b. Bacillus c. Pleiomorphic d. Sarcina
2. Gram positive cells:
a. Have thick homogenous cell walls. c. Have large amount of teichoic acids.
b. Do not have an outer erbra d. All of the above are true.
3. Who first described microorganJ such as bacteria?
a. Louis Pasteur c. Robert Koch
b. Fane Hesse d. ton Von Leeuwenhoek
4. Fimbriae:
a. Attach bacteria to various surfaces. c. Cause bacteria to move through fluids
b. Sense changes in nutrient concer,trations d. Are pathways for secretions.
5. The outer membrane of gram negative cells is more permeable than
plasma membrane because:
a. LPS is larger than membrane phospholipids.
b. Lipoproteins stretch the outer membrane.
c. Porin proteins establish holes in the outer membrane
d. The core polysaccharide span the lipid bilayer.

6. The presence of D —amino acids n the crosslinks of peptidoglycan layer is
most likely because:
a. Most peptidases can only cleave L- amino acids.
b. D- amino acids fit the structural constrains of cell wall better than L — amino acids.
c. Most of the L — amino acids have already. used for protein synthesis.
d. D — amino acids are easier to cross links in the absence of ribosomes.
7. The primary use of Koch's postulate is to:
a. Clearly identify and characterize a particular micro organism.
b. To isolate microorganisms from diseased animals
c. To demonstrate that disease is caused j microorganism.
d. To develop vaccines for specific diseases.
8. A bacterium with flagella all over the body is described as
a. Monotrichous b. Amphitrichous c. Lophotrichous d. Peritrichous

Section —II
(Each question carries a weight of one each)
Answer any three of the following:

9. Describe the structure of the bacterial endospore using a labeled diagram.
10. Briefly describe capsules, layer. What are their functions?
11. List the functions of the cell wall.
12. Describe Koch's postulate. Why are they important?
13. Explain Louis Pasteur's Swan Neck sk experiment.

Section —C
( Each question carries a weight of two each )
Answer any two of the :
14. List the functions of prokaryotic plasma membrane.
15. Describe the Three domai system.
16. Compare and contrast bacterial and archaeal membranes.

Section —D
(Each question carries a weight of four )
Answer any one of the following:
17. Describe in detail the composition and structure of peptidoglycan. Why does peptidoglycan contain the unusual D
amino acids'?
18. Compare and contrast the cell walls of gram positive bacteria and gram negative bacteria. Include labeleddiagrams in

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