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2016 Mohanlal Sukhadia University Computer B.C.A. B.C.A 2nd year examination, 2016 mohanlal sukhadiya university Question paper

Course: B.C.A.   University/board: Mohanlal Sukhadia University

Are u looking for the old question paper of mohanlal sukhadiya university B.C.A? Here is the previous year question paper from mohanlal sukhadiya university. This is the original question paper from the B.C.A 2nd year exam conducted by mohanlal sukhadiya university 2016. Feel free to download the question paperfrom here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

B.C.A II Year Examination,2016
           ( Data Structure Using C)

                    Time: Three Hours
                 Maximum Marks : 100

                            PART - A       [ Marks: 20 ]

      Answer all questions(50 words each).

    All questions carry equal marks.

                             PART -B      [ Marks: 50 ]

     Answer five questions(250 words each).

  selecting one from each unit.All questions carry equal marks.

                           PART - C      [  Marks: 30 ]

 Answer any two questions(300 words each).

   All questions carry equal marks.



                          UNIT - I

1. (i)   Define arrays.

    (ii) Define structures.

                          UNIT- II

    (iii) What is linked list and its pointer?

    (iv) Differentiate between array and linked list.

                           UNIT - III

     (v) Define tree.

     (vi) What is full binary tree ?

                           UNIT - IV
     (vii) Define Adjency matrix.
    (viii) Define multigraph and connected graph.


                        UNIT - V

    (ix) Define sorting.

    (x) What is linear search.

                             PART - B

                          UNIT - I

2. What is queue ? Explain the implementation of queue using linked list with an algorithm to insert and item in the queue.

3. Explain various operation performed on arrays with algorithms.

                          UNIT - II

4. Explain doubly linked list & its various operations.

5. Explain ciruclar linked list & its various operations.
                            UNIT- III

6. Explain various tree traversal techniques in recursive manner with algorighm.

7. Explain various tree terminology & representation ways of binary tree.

    UNIT - IV

8. Define graph. Explain various terminologies and representation ways of graph.

9. Explain the following :

(a) Transitive closure & reflective transitive closure

(b) shortest path algorithm

                             UNIT - V

10. What is hashing? Explain various hash function.

11. Explain binary search algorithm and differentiate between binary search and linear search.

                                PART- C

                           UNIT - I

12. Describe stack. Explain stack operations along  with algorithm and example.

                          UNIT- II

13. Explain the various operations that can be performed on a singly linked list and write algorithm of creation of linked list and traversing. 

                        UNIT - III

14. Explain binary search tree(BST) with algorithms of insertion and deletion of a node.
                         UNIT - IV

15. Write a short note on following :

(a)     Breadth First Search (BFS)

(b)     Depth First Search (DFS)

                           UNIT - V

 16. What is sorting? Explain any types of sorting in detail with example.


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