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2015 Solapur University B.Tech Computer Science & Information Technology Second year IT Question paper of year 2015 of subject Advanced C language. Question paper

Course: B.Tech Computer Science & Information Technology   University/board: Solapur University

Are you looking for old Question papers of solapur university of BE second year?This is the question paper of previous year 2015.

1. Choose the correct answer : [14 marks]
1) The complexity of sorting algorithm measures the ________ as a function of
the number n of items to be sorter.
a) average time b) running time
c) average-case complexity d) case-complexity
2) Which type conversion is NOT accepted ?
a) From char to int b) From float to char pointer
c) From negative int to char d) From double to char
3) The time complexity of quick sort is _______
a) O (n) b) O (logn) c) O (n2) d) O (n logn)
4) When compiler accepts the request to use the variable as a register ?
a) It is stored in CPU b) It is stored in cache memory
c) It is stored in main memory d) It is stored in secondary memory
5) Which of the following sorting algorithm is of divide and conquer type ?
a) Bubble sort b) Insertion sort
c) Merge sort d) Selection sort
6) What is the output of this C code ?
void main ( )
int k = 5;
int *p = &k;
int **m = &p;
printf ("%d%d%d\n", k, *p, **m);
a) 5 5 5 b) 5 5 junk value
c) 5 junk junk d) compile time error
7) Automatic variables are variables that are
a) Declared within the scope of a block, usually a function
b) Declared outside all functions
c) Declared with auto keyword
d) Declared within the keyword extern
8) Sorting algorithm can be characterized as ______
a) Simple algorithm which require the order of n2 comparisons to sort n items
b) Sophisticated algorithms that require the O (nlog2n) comparisons to sort
c) Both of the above
d) None of the above
9) Which of the following fopen statements are illegal ?
a) fp = fopen("abc.txt", "r");
b) fp = fopen("/home/user1/abc.txt", "w");
c) fp = fopen("abc", "w");
d) None of the mentioned
10) What will be the value of var for the following ?
var = strcmp("Hello", "World");
a) –1 b) 0
c) 1 d) strcmp has void return-type
11) One of the uses for function pointers in C is
a) Nothing b) There are no function pointers in c
c) To invoke a function d) To call a function defined at run-time
12) Partition and exchange sort is _____
a) quick sort b) tree sort c) heap sort d) bubble sort
13) Which of the following are correct syntaxes to send an array as a
parameter to function ?
a) func(&array); b) func(array);
c) func(*array); d) func(array[size]);
14) The complexity of bubble sort algorithm is
a) O (n) b) O (logn) c) O (n2) d) O (n logn)

2. Solve any four of the following : [12 marks]
a) What are different storage class specifiers in C ? Write the syntax of the all
the storage classes.
b) State advantages and disadvantages of recursion.
c) What is the difference between calloc () and malloc () function
d) What is a function ? What are the advantages of the functions ?
e) How do you use a pointer to a function ?

3. Solve any two : [8 marks]
a) Write a C Program to convert a string to a number and a number to a string.
b) What is Dynamic Memory allocation ? Write a program to demonstrate the
same concept.
c) Write a C program to print length of a string without using any built-in function.
d) Comparison between Iterative method and recursion method with example.

4. Explain Towers of Hanoi with four disks. Draw a diagram of the same. 8

5. Solve any four of the following : [12 marks]
a) Write an algorithm for binary search using recursion.
b) Define sorting. Differentiate between internal and external sorting.
c) For the following sequence of elements perform insertion-sort.
25, 17, 31, 13, 2
d) Explain the different searching techniques.
e) Explain asymptotic notations in detail.

a) Write the algorithm for bubble-sort. For the following sequence of elements
70, 66, 40, 88, 22 perform bubble-sort. Show passes at each iteration. [8 marks]
b) Write a C program to illustrate reading of data from a file and write a C
Program to find the Number of Lines in a Text File. [8 marks]
7. Write the algorithm for quick-sort. Given the following sequence of elements,
perform quick-sort : [8 marks]
44, 33, 11, 55, 77, 90, 40, 60, 99, 22, 88, 66

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