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2015 Question paper of year 2015 of BE First year IT of subject Basic mechanical engineering of CGPA patturn Question paper

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Are you looking for the old question papers of Solapur University BE First year? Here is the previous year question paper from Solapur University. This is the original question paper from the BE First semester exam conducted by Solapur University in year 2015. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

1. Choose the correct answer :[ 14 marks]
1) Refrigerant commonly used in VARS is
a) SO2 b) NH3 c) CO2 d) Aqua-Ammonia
2) Kelvin-Planks law deals with
a) Conversion of work in to heat b) Conversion of heat in to work
c) Conversion of work d) Conversion of heat
3) System comprising of single phase, is known as
a) Open system b) Closed system
c) Homogeneous system d) Heterogeneous system
4) Runner is used in
a) Centrifugal Pump b) Engine
c) Turbine d) None of the above
5) Steam turbines are used for
a) Electric generation b) Direct drive of fans, compressor
c) Large marine propulsion d) All of the above
6) Polytrophic index Cn is equal to
a) y-n/1- n b)n-y/1-n c)n-y/n-1 d)y-n/n-1
7) Second law of thermodynamics defines
a) Enthalpy b) Entropy c) Heat d) Work
8) Otto cycle is known as
a) Constant pressure cycle b) Constant volume cycle
c) Constant temperature d) None of the above
9) Compression ratio for petrol engine is
a) 3 to 6 b) 5 to 8 c) 15 to 20 d) 20 to 30
10) Surface of the tooth below the pitch circle is known as
a) Addendum b) Dedendum c) Flank d) Face
11) Resistance to fatigue of material is measured by
a) Elastic limit b) Plastic limit
c) Endurance limit d) Young Modulus
12) Which of the following is unit less ?
a) Stress b) Strain c) Young Modulus d) None
13) Method of joining two work piece made of two dissimilar materials above 450°C
is called
a) Welding b) Brazing c) Soldering d) None
14) Drilling of work piece can be carried out by
a) Lathe b) Drilling machine
c) Both a) and b) d) None

2. Answer any five of the following : [15 marks]
a) Derive an Expression pv? = c .
b) Show that enthalpy is the function of temperature.
c) Draw neat sketch of split air conditioner.
d) Explain PMM-1 and PMM-2.
e) Derive an expression of work done for polytropic process.
f) Explain thermodynamic equilibrium.
g) State advantage and disadvantage of nuclear power plant.
3. Answer any three of the following : [12 marks]
a) Explain with neat sketch the working of Kaplan turbine.
b) Explain the working of vapour compression refrigeration cycle.
c) A gas turbine was operated with a supply of 17 kg of hot air per second with specific
enthalpy of 1360 kJ/kg. The outgoing gas carries specific enthalpy of 460 kJ/kg.
The inlet and outlet velocities are 60 m/s and 150 m/s. Find out the power developed
by the turbine assuming heat carried away by cooling water is 2 kJ/s. [5 marks]
d) One kg. of air at 1 bar and 300 K is compressed adiabatically till its pressure becomes
5 times the original pressure. Then it is expanded at constant pressure and finally
cooled at constant volume to return to its original conditions. Calculate : [5 marks]
1) Heat transfer
2) Work done
3) Change in internal energy for each process as well as for the entire process.

4. Answer any five of the following : [15 marks]
a) Differentiate between two stroke and four stroke engine.
b) Explain with neat sketch Electric resistance welding.
c) Differentiate between soldering and brazing.
d) What are the steps involved in design process ?
e) Explain the different types of gear.
f) Write a short note on epicyclic gear train.
g) What are the modes of failure ? Explain.

5. Answer any three of the following :
a) An air standard diesel cycle has a compression ratio of 18 and the heat transferred to
working fluid per cycle is 1800 kJ/kg. At the beginning of the compression stroke
the pressure is 1 bar and the temperature is 27°C. Calculate : Thermal efficiency. [5 marks]
b) Two pulley one 400 meter diameter and other 200 mm diameter are on parallel
shaft are 2.58 meter apart are connected by cross belt drive. Find length of belt
required and angle of contact between belt and pulley. What power can be
transmitted when larger pulley rotate at 250 rpm, if maximum tension is 1.5 kN and
coefficient of friction between belt and pulley is 0.28 ? [5 marks]
c) Explain with neat sketch pillar drilling machine. [4 marks]
d) Explain ergonomic consideration in design. [4 marks]
e) A system undergoes a cycle consisting of four processes. The heat and work
transfer are tabulated below. Prove that the table results are consistent with First
law of thermodynamics. [4 marks]
Determine :
1) Net work
2) Thermal efficiency.


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