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2016 Mohanlal Sukhadia University Computer B.C.A. B.C.A II Year examination 2016 mohanlal sukhadiya university Question paper

Course: B.C.A.   University/board: Mohanlal Sukhadia University

are u looking for old question papers of mohanlal sukhadiya university BCA ? Here is the previous year question papers from mohanlal sukhadiya univerity. This is the original question paper from the BCA second year exam conducted bymohan lal university in year 2016 . feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

B C.A II Year Examination, 2016
( Fundamental of Operating System )

Time: Three Hours
              Maximum Marks : 100

PART - A      [  Marks: 20 ]

   Answer all questions(50 words each).

    All questions carry equal marks.

                              PART -B      [  Marks: 50 ]

     Answer five questions(250 words each).
  selecting one from each unit.All questions carry equal marks.

                           PART - C        [ Marks: 30 ]

 Answer any two questions(300 words each).
    All questions carry equal mark


                          UNIT - I

1.. Explain multiprocessor system.

.  2. Wat are system calls ?


3. Definition of process ?

4. What do u mean by CPU scheduling ?

                          UNIT - III

5.  Write the usage of semaphore.

6.  What is the deadlock situation ?
                         UNIT - IV
7. What is paging ?

8. Write the two key techniques of virtual memory segmentation.

                         UNIT - V

9. What is file system in linux operating system ?

10. Explain process management in Linux  Operating system .

                     PART - B

                         UNIT - I

11. Describe clustered and distributed system. What are the advantages of multiprocessor system ?

12. Write down different system calls for performing different kind of tasks .

                          UNIT - II

13. What do u understand by operating processes ? What are the issues in scheduling such processes ?

14. what is the requirment of CPU scheduling ?  Describe round robbin scheduling with example.

                            UNIT - III

15. Explain essential condition to ocuur deadlock. How do you detect deadlock ?

16. Describe the process synchronization and its classical problems.
                           UNIT-  IV

17. Descibe continous memory allocation technique. compare it with any one other possible technique.

18. What is thrashing? why it occur?  Once it occurs, what can the operating system do to eliminate it ?
                             UNIT-  V

19. What is linux Kernal ? Explain the three main components of a linux system.

20. Write a short notes on :

( a ) Input and output in linux

( b ) security mechanism in linux

   PART - C
                           UNIT - I

21. What are the goals of an operating system ? Describe about various services provided by an operating system ?

                           UNIT - II

22. Describe the cooperating process and inter process  communication.


23. What are semaphores ? How they help us in handling process synchronization problems ? Write and describe algorithm for deadlock avoidance.

                            UNIT - IV

 24. Describe the step to perform page replacement. Explain LRU page replacement algorithm and demand paging.
                            UNIT - V

25 . Describe about various modules of a kernel . Discuss the network structure of Linux operating system.

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