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2016 Mohanlal Sukhadia University Computer B.C.A. BCA III YEAR ,2016 Mohan lal sukhadiya university Question paper

Course: B.C.A.   University/board: Mohanlal Sukhadia University

Are you looking for the old question papers of mohanlal sukhadiya university B.C.A ? Here is the question paper from mohanlal sukhadiya university. This is the original question paper from the BCA III Year exam conducted by mlsu university in year 2016. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for upcoming exams.

B.C.A III Year Examination, 2016
  ( Information security and cryptography)
                  Time : Three Hours
             Maximum Hours : 100
                     PART - A   [ Marks: 20 ]
        Answer all Questions.(50 words each).
       All question carry equal marks.
                    PART - B  [ Marks:50 ]
  Answer five question(250 words each).
Selecting one from each unit.All questions carry equal marks.
                    PART - C  [ Marks : 30 ]
 Answer any two question(300 words each).
 All questions carry equal marks.

                            PART - A
                             UNIT - I

1. (i)    What are attacks?

   ( ii )  What do you mean by public
           key encryption.
                            UNIT - II

   ( iii ) what is pseudorandom
           number. how it is generated?
   ( iv )  List test for measuring

                            UNIT - III

   ( v ) Differentiate between ECB
        and CBC mode ?
   ( vi ) Write down the purpose of
          S-Boxes in DES ?

                           UNIT - IV
   ( vii ) What is message authentication code ?

   ( viii ) Define authentication and
             its need.
                        UNIT -  V
   ( ix ) Define the process of digital
   ( x )  What is key management.

                    PART - B
                    UNIT - I

2. Describe block cipher and
    stream cipher.


3.  What are different type of
     public key encyption technique.

                    UNIT - II

4. What is poker test. Explain by
    taking suitable example.

5. How random number is
    generated throgh blum blum
                     UNIT - III

6. Explain about single round of
    DES algorithm ?

7. Discuss the classical
    cryptoanalysis and its types.

                     UNIT - IV

8. Explain About MD5 in detail.


9. What is secure hash algorithm.

                     UNIT - V

10. Write significance of digital envelope ?

11. What are the techniques of distributing public keys.

                      PART - C

                      UNIT - I

12. Differentiate between symetric key and asymetric key
      cryptograhy ?
                      UNIT - II

13. Discuss various properties of self synchronizing stream cipher.
                      UNIT - III

14. Explain about RSA algorithm with example as :
 p=11,q=5 e=3 and PT=9
                      UNIT - IV

15. What are the properties of  hashing function in cryptography ?
also discuss in  brief about biometric
      authentication ?
                     UNIT - V

16. Discuss various attacks on signature ?

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