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2016 Mohanlal Sukhadia University Computer B.C.A. B.C.A III Year Examination, 2016 mohanlal sukhadiya university Question paper

Course: B.C.A.   University/board: Mohanlal Sukhadia University

Are you looking for the old question papers of mohanlal sukhadiya university B.C.A ? Here is the question paper from mohanlal sukhadiya university. This is the original question paper from the BCA III Year exam conducted by mlsu university in year 2016. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for upcoming exams.

B.C.A III Year  Examination, 2016
           ( Web Technology )
                  Time : Three Hours
             Maximum Hours : 100
                     PART - A   [ Marks: 20 ]
        Answer all Questions.(50 words each).
       All question carry equal marks.
                    PART - B  [ Marks:50 ]
  Answer five question(250 words each).
Selecting one from each unit.All questions carry equal marks.
                    PART - C  [ Marks : 30 ]
 Answer any two question(300 words each).
 All questions carry equal.

                            PART - A

1. (i) Difference between HTTP and
        HTTPS ?

    (ii) What is the purpose of IMAP
      & MIME protocol ?


   (iii) Define object refrencing ?

   (iv) What is meant by data bound control ?

                          UNIT -III

   (v) Define bgsound element properties ?

   (vi) Write down the major benifit of E-commerce ?


   (vii) What are the ASP object ?

(viii) Differentiate between DTD and XML schema ?

                          UNIT - V
(ix) Difference Between <jsp:include page=...><%@include file=...> ?

(x) What is scriptlet ?


2. Write a java script program to print armstrong numbers between 1 to 500.

3. Explain the java script objects in detail ?
4. Write a code through proper example on following example
 (a) OnBlur() event of a textbox
 (b) OnLoad() event of a form
 (c) OnReset() event of a form
 (d) OnSubmit() event of a form
5. Explain briefly about filter in detail with example.


6. What is online payment system ? explain in detail.also discuss various risk associated with it.

7. Difference between :

(a) IIS and apache web server.

(b) E-commerce and E-business.

                              UNIT -IV

8.Discuss the key objects of ASP and highlight the features of their properties,methods anf events.
9. What is the difference between
    session and cookies explain
    with example.


10. Define JSP directives? Explain
       the various attributes & page
      directives in JSP ?
11. Explain the basic servelet
     architecture with the diagram ?

12. Explain the various string
      handling functions of java
     script with example.


13.(a) Dishtinguish between static and dyanmic HTML.

(b)Write a DHTML code to change the background image in
the user moves the mouse over it.


14. Describe the following.

(a) E-Business model

(b) Web server


15. Explain how ASP is involved in developing online application with an example.


16. Difference between :

(a) JSP and Servelet

(b) Get and Post request

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