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2016 Mohanlal Sukhadia University Computer B.C.A. B.C.A III Year Examination, 2016 mohanlal sukhadiya university Question paper

Course: B.C.A.   University/board: Mohanlal Sukhadia University

Are you looking for the old question papers of mohanlal sukhadiya university B.C.A ? Here is the question paper from mohanlal sukhadiya university. This is the original question paper from the BCA III Year exam conducted by mlsu university in year 2016. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for upcoming exams.

B.C.A III Year Examination, 2016
   (  Visual Programming )
                  Time : Three Hours
             Maximum Hours : 100
                     PART - A   [ Marks: 20 ]
        Answer all Questions.(50 words each).
       All question carry equal marks.
                    PART - B  [ Marks:50 ]
  Answer five question(250 words each).
Selecting one from each unit.All questions carry equal marks.
                    PART - C  [ Marks : 30 ]
 Answer any two question(300 words each).
  All questions carry equal marks.

1.(i) List out the events at which the window procedure
recieves WN-PAINT message ?

   (ii) Write down the syntax of TextOut function ?

  (iii) Define intrinsic control ?

  (iv) What are the framework
        classes ?

  (v) What are the function provided
        by Cdocument derived class ?

 (vi) List out the classes that
       provide functionality of rich edit

(vii) Define DCOM .

(viii) Give the extension of Active-X control ?

  (ix) What is CRecordSet::Dynaset ?

(x)Give any four Wilnet classes ?


2. Discuss about data types,resources and
    document interfaces in window
    programming ?


3.  Explain the architecture of windows program with suiatable example.

4. Write a short notes on :
  (a) Mapping Modes

  (b) Bitmap


5. Write a suiatable program in
    VC++ . Explain how dialog boxes are created ?

6. List out the steps for creating a
    DDL to add two numbers?


7. Explain in detail,how to read and write SDI document ?

8. Write OLE embedded component and conatiners in details?


9. What is Active-X control ? Write
    a steps to create an Active-X
    control ?

10. Describe a 32-Bit ODBC DDL hierarchy with neat and clean diagram ?

11. Difference between :

 (a) Winsock and Winlnet

 (b) Thread and Process

12. Explain the method for
      developing a window GDI pen
      object application to draw
      Rectangle, Ellipes and Line
     objects and using Brush objects to fill the
above area of the objects.

13. Explain any five windows
      common control with any five
      properties and five methods.

14. Explain in detail about all
      document view interaction
      function ?

15. Define the following :

 (a) calendar control

 (b)  COM

16. Write a program in VC++ to
      maintain the employee records
      of a company using ODBC ?

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