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2016 Education B.Ed Himachal Pradesh university BE.d entrance test Question paper

Course: B.Ed   University/board: Himachal Pradesh University

HPU B.Ed entrance question paper 2016

General Awareness
1. The Nobel Peace Price of 2014 is awarded for his work promoting child right he shared his award with:
(A) Malala Yousafzai
(B) Bilala Yousafzai
(C) Malika Yousafzai
(D) None of these
Correct Answer - (A) Malala Yousafzai
2. The state bird of Himachal Pradesh is :
(A) Asian Koel
(B) Western Tragopan
(C) Indian Roller
(D) Nongueen
Correct Answer - (B) Western Tragopan
3. State flower of Himachal Pradesh is :
(A) Lotus Galgota
(B) Palash
(C) Pink Rhodendron
(D) Galgota
Correct Answer - (C) Pink Rhodendron
4. Which of the following National parks is not in Himacha; Pradesh?
(A) Renuka
(B) Dachigam
(C) Kalatope Khajjiar
(D) Chail
Correct Answer - (B) Dachigam
5. Which is the longest river of the world?
(A) Amazon
(B) Mississippi
(C) Nile
(D) HwangHo
Correct Answer - (C) Nile
6. Which of the following is a natural wonder of the world?
(A) Victorial falls
(B) Light House of Alexandria
(C) Great dividing range
(D) Rock mountains
Correct Answer - (A) Victorial falls
7. Which is the biggest desert?
(A) Gobi
(B) Kalahari
(C) Thar
(D) Sahara desert
Correct Answer - (D) Sahara desert
8. Mahabharat famous Sanskrit epic was composed in:
(A) 304 BC
(B) 200 BC
(C) 204 BC
(D) 300 BC
Correct Answer - D) 300 BC
9. The rank of Himachal Pradesh in terms of area is :
(A) 7th
(B) 10th
(C) 17th
(D) 27th
Correct Answer - (C) 17th
10. The co-ordinates of Himachal Pradesh:
(A) 31°6' N to 77°10' E
(B) 41°6' N to 70°10' E
(C) 34°6' N to 77°10' E
(D) 43°6' N to 70°10' E
Correct Answer - (A) 31°6' N to 77°10' E
11. At the beginnning of the 10th century Muhammad Gaznavi conquered:
(A) Kannauj
(B) Sirmaur
(C) Kullu
(D) Kangra
Correct Answer - (D) Kangra
12. The main function of Reserve Bank of India is to :
(A) implement exchange control
(B) regulate financial and banking system
(C) regulate capital market
(D) ensure financial security to insurance sector
Correct Answer - (B) regulate financial and banking system
13. Minimum Iodine essential for physical development is :
(A) 80-90 Microgram
(B) 90-100 Microgram
(C) 100-150 Microgram
(D) 150-200 Microgram
Correct Answer - (C) 100-150 Microgram
14. Edu-SAT was launched in :
(A) September 22, 2014
(B) Setpember 22, 2014
(C) August 22, 2001
(D) September 22, 2004
Correct Answer - (D) September 22, 2004
15. Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right?
(A) Right to Property
(B) Right to Education
(C) Right to Equality
(D) Right to Freedom
Correct Answer - (A) Right to Property
16. Kaziranga National Park is on the bank of the river
(A) Ganga
(B) Manas
(C) Cauveri
(D) Brahmputra
Correct Answer - (D) Brahmputra
17. At present the Chief Justice of India is:
(A) Altamash Kabir
(B) T.S. Thakur
(C) R.M. Lodha
(D) H.L. Dattu
Correct Answer - (B) T.S. Thakur
18. The Chairman of 14th Finance Commission is:
(A) Y. Venugopal Reddy
(B) Raghuram Rajan
(C) H.S. Brahma
(D) T.S. Vijayan
Correct Answer - (A) Y. Venugopal Reddy
19. The red river of India is:
(A) Kosi
(B) Brahmputra
(C) Tapti
(D) Lohit
Correct Answer - (B) Brahmputra
20. Our ears can handle a safe noise up to:
(A) 80 Decibels
(B) 100 Decibels
(C) 120 Decibels
(D) 150 Decibels
Correct Answer - (B) 100 Decibels
21. The largest importer country of the world is :
(A) America
(B) China
(C) Japan
(D) Brazil
Correct Answer - (A) America
22. World's largest second economy is of:
(A) America
(B) China
(C) Japan
(D) India
Correct Answer - (B) China
23. The biggest producer of Natural Gas in the world is :
(A) Saudi Arabia
(B) America
(C) Russia
(D) Iraq
Correct Answer - (B) America (689 cubic meters)
24. Unwanted bulk e-mail is called :
(A) Spamming
(B) E-mail spoofing
(C) Hacking
(D) None of these
Correct Answer - (A) Spamming
25. Which of the following is not a good place for the fishing of Mahasheer fish?
(A) Margoya
(B) Kargau
(C) Davahoo
(D) Barot
Correct Answer - (C) Davahoo
26. Resin and Terpentine industry is in
(A) Solan and Nahan
(B) Bilaspur and Kangra
(C) Solan and Bilaspur
(D) Nahan and Bilaspur
Correct Answer - (B) Bilaspur and Kangra
27. Himachal Pradesh is bordered by the Tibet Autonomus Region :
(A) on the West
(B) on the South
(C) on the North
(D) on the East
Correct Answer - (D) on the East
28. The irrigated area of total agricultural land in Himachal Pradesh is :
(A) 11%
(B) 19%
(C) 21%
(D) 31%
Correct Answer -
29. Which boxer was awarded Bronze medal in Asian Games, 2014?
(A) Seema Poonia
(B) Sunita Devi
(C) Mary Kom
(D) Sarita Devi
Correct Answer - (D) Sarita Devi
30. India's first Open University is :
(A) Ambedkar Open University
(B) Indira Gandhi National Open University
(C) K.K. Hadi Open University
(D) Vardhman Mahavir Open University
Correct Answer - (B) Indira Gandhi National Open University
31. What percent of National Population lives in Himachal Pradesh?
(A) 0.25%
(B) 0.37%
(C) 0.57%
(D) 0.65%
Correct Answer - (D) 0.65%
32. Which of following is not among highest run scorer of cricket in one day matches?
(A) Ricky Ponting
(B) Jaya Surya
(C) Jaya Varadhane
(D) Anil Kumble
Correct Answer - (D) Anil Kumble
33. The capital of Indonesia is :
(A) Jakarta
(B) Nai Pyi Taw
(C) Thimpu
(D) Pyongyang
Correct Answer - (A) Jakarta
34. Which of the following is not an International Organisation?
Correct Answer - (D) NIC
35. Which of the following is not a country of Europe?
(A) Belgium
(B) Bulgaria
(C) Cyprus
(D) Mexico
Correct Answer - (D) Mexico
36. The formation of Indian Ntioanl Congress is in the year :
(A) 1885 A.D.
(B) 1857 A.D.
(C) 1899 A.D.
(D) 1919 A.D.
Correct Answer - (A) 1885 A.D.
37. Which of the following festivals is clebrated in Himachal Pradesh
(A) Pela
(B) Guggu Navami
(C) Fulaich
(D) Guruparb
Correct Answer - (C) Fulaich
38. The 163 years old telegram service came to an end in :
(A) 2012
(B) 2013
(C) 2014
(D) 2015
Correct Answer - (B) 2013
39. Earth Day is celebrated on:
(A) April, 22
(B) March, 22
(C) July, 11
(D) May, 22
Correct Answer - (A) April, 22
40. Which of the following is a painter?
(A) Anand Madhok
(B) Sanjana Kapoor
(C) Ismat Chugtai
(D) Raja Ravi Verma
Correct Answer - (D) Raja Ravi Verma

Section - B
Language and Comprehesion (Hindi & English)
Q.Nos.:41 to 80)
41. '????? ?? ????' ?? ?????? ??? -
(A) ???????? ??? ?????
(B) ?????? ??????
(C) ??????? ??? ?????
(D) ??????? ?????
Correct Answer - (B) ?????? ??????
42. ??? ???-?? ???? ?????
???? ??? ?? ???? ??
???? ??? ?? ????? ?? ????? ??? ??? ?? ?????? ???
(A) ????????
(B) ???
(C) ?????
(D) ????
Correct Answer - (D) ????
43. ?? ???? ??? ??? ??, ??? ???? ??? ????
???? ??????? ???, ???? ????? ?????
????????? ???? ??? '????' ???? ?? ???? ??'
(A) ???? ????
(B) ?????
(C) ????
(D) ????? ?? ??? ?? ????
Correct Answer -
44. ??????? ?????? ???? ??:
(A) ???
(B) ???
(C) ???
(D) ?
Correct Answer - (D) ?
45. ?????????? ??? ?? ???-?? ????? ????? ???
(A) ????? ??? ????? ?? ??????? ??? ????
(B) ?????? ?? ???? ????
(C) ?????????? ????? ??? ????
(D) ????? ??? ?? ?????? ???? ????
Correct Answer - (D) ????? ??? ?? ?????? ???? ????
46. ????? ??? ?? ????? ???? ?? ????? -
(A) ????
(B) ?????
(C) ????
(D) ???
Correct Answer - (D) ???
47. ????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ????? ??????? ???? ???
(A) ?? ?????? ????? ?? ?? ?? ??? ??? ???
(B) ?? ????? ?? ?????? ?? ??? ???
(C) ?? ??????? ??? ?? ?? ????? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ???? ???? ????
(D) ?? ???? ??????? ???? ??, ?? ???? ??? ????? ??? ???? ???
Correct Answer -
48. ??? ???? ?? ??? ??, ??? ??? ???? ?????
???? ????? ??? ??, ??? ????? ?????
???? ???? ??? ???? ?? ???? ???? ??? ???
(A) ????
(B) ???
(C) ?????
(D) ?????
Correct Answer -
49. '???? ?? ???? ??' ????? ??? ?????? ???????? ?? ??? ??? ????? ????? ?? ???? ???
(A) !
(B) ;
(C) :
(D) ?
Correct Answer - (A) !
50. ????? ??? ?? ???? ????? ?? ??????? :
(A) ?
(B) -
(C) o
(D) ;
Correct Answer -
51. ??? ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ???
(A) ???????
(B) ??????
(C) ?????????
(D) ????????
Correct Answer -
52. ????? ????? ?? ??? ????? : ?? ??? ?? ???? ????? ?? ????? ??????? ???? ?? ???? ????? ??????? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ?? ???????? ????
(A) ?? ??? ?? ???? ?????
(B) ?? ????? ??????? ????
(C) ?? ???? ????? ??????? ????
(D) ?? ?????? ????? ?? ???????? ????
Correct Answer -
53. ???? ???? ???? ?? ????????? ???? ???? ?? :
(A) ??????
(B) ??????
(C) ?????
(D) ????? ?? ??? ????
Correct Answer - (C) ?????
54. ?? ?? ????? ???? ?? :
(A) ????
(B) ???
(C) ?????
(D) ??????
Correct Answer - (B) ???
55. ?????? ?? ?????????? ???? ?? :
(A) ????
(B) ????
(C) ??????
(D) ?????
Correct Answer -
56. ????? ???? ??? ????? ? ?? :
(A) ?????
(B) ????
(C) ???????
(D) ?????????
Correct Answer - (A) ?????
57. ????? ???? ?? 22 ??????? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ?? :
(A) ???????
(B) ??????? ??????
(C) ????????
(D) ???????
Correct Answer -
58. ????? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?????? ?????????? ?? :
(A) ???
(B) ???
(C) ????
(D) ????
Correct Answer -
59. '?????' ???? ?? ????? ?????? ?? :
(A) ?? + ???
(B) ??? + ???
(C) ?? + ???
(D) ?? + ???
Correct Answer - (A) ?? + ???
60. ???????? ?????? ???? ??????? ?? ???? ??? :
(A) ????????
(B) ????????
(C) ??????
(D) ???????
Correct Answer - (A) ????????
61. 1947 is _________ year in which India became independent.
(A) an
(B) a
(C) the
(D) none of these
Correct Answer - (C) the
62. Flora is a term for :
(A) Plant
(B) Animal
(C) Both of the above
(D) None of these
Correct Answer - (A) Plant
63. Which of the following sentences is correct?
(A) The faster land animal inthe world is Cheetah.
(B) His grade is the same as mine.
(C) Parliament House is the most important building in the city.
(D) Saeed runs quicker than Johnson.
Correct Answer -
64. The pilot blamed his colleagues ________ losing their way.
(A) about
(B) on
(C) for
(D) of
Correct Answer - (C) for
65. Do not get stuck in the Laki Pass at night. Once you are there you ______ to get down and it is dangerous at night.
(A) won't be able to
(B) cannot be able to
(C) not be able to
(D) can be
Correct Answer - (A) won't be able to
Read the passage and answer the following questions:
Look at any garbage dump. In addition to vegetables scraps, paper and broken glass, you will notice a considerble amount of plastic material such as shampoo bottles, bags and worn out slippers and the like, vegetables scraps and paper are bio-degradable but glass and plastic continue to accumulate and harm the environment. Plastic is often mistaken for food by birds, animals and fish leading to their death. Invesitgations have been going on for a long time to produce an environment friendly plastic in the sense that it decays and becomes a part of the soil liking rotting vegetables scraps do. The scientists have been able to develop a plastic called 'Bi Pol'.It is manufactured by microbes. Bottles, films and fibres can be made out of it. Fungi and bacteria can eat it. 'Bi-Pol' can also be used to make capsules for slow release in the body of some type of medicines and of pesticides in field.
66. The word which describes that materials disintegrate and decay:
(A) Bio-degradable
(B) Garbage
(C) Accumulate
(D) Chokes
Correct Answer - (A) Bio-degradable
67. 'Like rotting vegetables scraps to' what do they do?
(A) become a part of soil
(B) they decay
(C) they disintegrate
(D) all of these
Correct Answer - (D) all of these
68. The main advantage of 'Bi-Pol' over other type of plastic is that it is:
(A) environment friendly
(B) manufactured by microbes
(C) used in fields
(D) used for making capsules
Correct Answer - (A) environment friendly
69. Bi-Pl is converted into carbon dioxide by :
(A) Fungi
(B) Bacteria
(C) Fungi and Bacteria
(D) Microbes
Correct Answer -
70. _______ punishment for forbidden now-a-days.
(A) Corporal
(B) Carporael
(C) Coporel
(D) Corporol
Correct Answer - (A) Corporal
71. The details of the plan were __________ and the work was started.
(A) worked out
(B) work for
(C) work at
(D) work on
Correct Answer - (A) worked out
72. India and China have come to terms. Come to terms means:
(A) to think
(B) to make an arrangement
(C) to settle
(D) settle terms and conditions
Correct Answer - (C) to settle
73. Which of the following is the indirect narration of the sentence? The teacher said to me,"Have you finished your work":
(A) the teacher inquired me whether I had finished my work.
(B) The teacher inquired me whether I have finished my work.
(C) The teacher asked me whether I had finished my work.
(D) The teacher aske dme whether I have finished my work.
Correct Answer - (C) The teacher asked me whether I had finished my work.
74. Change the following sentence into passive voice :
He will have written the essay in time.
(A) The essay will have been written by him in time.
(B) The essay would have been written by him in time.
(C) He would have written the essay in time.
(D) In time would have been written the essay.
Correct Answer - (A) The essay will have been written by him in time.
75. He is too proud of his too much intelligence. This sentence cannot be converted in following way:
(A) He is proud of his too much intelligence.
(B) He is over proud of his intelligence.
(C) He is proud of his intelligence beyond proper limit.
(D) None of these
Correct Answer - (B) He is over proud of his intelligence.
76. The meaning of 'cry up' is :
(A) condemn
(B) dispraise
(C) praise
(D) painful
Correct Answer - (A) condemn
77. What a luck overjoyed.
She pray to God.
Detect the error in the above sentence:
(A) An exclamation mark after 'luck'
(B) A small letter for overjoyed
(C) A full stop after luck
(D) No correction
Correct Answer - (A) An exclamation mark after 'luck'
78. An anthill is a home not only for ants but too for some other creature-beetles.
The above sentence needs a correction in place of but too :
(A) but also
(B) but
(C) but as
(D) but the
Correct Answer - (A) but also
79. Select appropriate connector :
Cars must stop at red traffic light _________ pedestrians must only cross when only the light is red.
(A) Similarly
(B) Nevertheless
(C) In the same way
(D) Nevertheless
Correct Answer - (C) In the same way
80. Watching a good ______ could be as effective as going for a run in bossing health. The researches link laughter to healthy function of the blood vessels.
(A) tragedy
(B) comedy
(C) drama
(D) movie
Correct Answer - (B) comedy

Section - C
Logical Reasoning (Q. Nos.:81 to 110)
81. If in a code language IFNK means LION, writer TIGER in code language :
Correct Answer -
82. Which is the best answer?
"Strike the iron while it is hot." means:
(A) You can give the iron any shape you like to give.
(B) Acting promptly when the opportunity occurs will lead you to success.
(C) The lost time never comes back.
(D) Hot iron is appropriate to give shape.
Correct Answer - (B) Acting promptly when the opportunity occurs will lead you to success.
83. You have started froma place. Afterwalking for half a mile you again turn to the left. You are going eastward. In what direction did you originally start?
(A) West
(B) East
(C) South
(D) North
Correct Answer -
84. A tap fills a tank in 10 hours and the other empies it in 8 hours. If both are openedat one and the same time, the tank will be filled :
(A) 18 hours
(B) can never be filled
(C) 30 hours
(D) 24 hours
Correct Answer -
85. A man lookng at picture said, "I have no sister and no brother but that man's father is my father's son." The picture at which he was looking was of :
(A) His son
(B) His uncle
(C) Himself
(D) His father
Correct Answer -
86. Write down the 3rd consonant after the third vowel of the alphabet :
(A) J
(B) K
(C) L
(D) L
Correct Answer -
87. If the word 'Regulation' stands for 5328914760. Put down the following code 29153 in word :
Correct Answer - (B) GLARE
88. A man jumps down from a speeding train. In what direction will he fall?
(A) Direction of the train
(B) Opposite direction
(C) Direction of the wind
(D) Stationary
Correct Answer -
89. Spot the one which occupies the middle position :
Kilometre, Centimetre, Hectometre, Metre, Decametre
(A) Decametre
(B) Hectometre
(C) Centimetre
(D) Metre
Correct Answer -
90. Insert the number missing from the bracket :
243 (125) 743
375 ( ) 595
(A) 155
(B) 55
(C) 44
(D) 220
Correct Answer -
91. Tell the highest number of three digits which cannot be divided by 2 :
(A) 999
(B) 889
(C) 900
(D) 199
Correct Answer -
92. There were monkeys and pigeosn. There were 20 heads and 48 feet. How many monkeys and pigeons were there?
(A) 12 pigeons and 8 monkeys
(B) 16 pigeons and 4 monkeys
(C) 11 pigeons and 9 monkeys
(D) 9 pigeons and 11 monkeys
Correct Answer -
93. Find the odd man out :
Cod, Shark, Whale, Herring, Shark, Rhinocerous
(A) Cod
(B) Herring
(C) Shark
(D) Rhinocerous
Correct Answer - (D) Rhinocerous
94. v.25 is equal to :
(A) ±.5
(B) .5
(C) 5
(D) 0.5
Correct Answer -
95. Photographic camera:Permanent Image:: Human eye: _____
(A) Real Image
(B) Retina
(C) Temporary Image
(D) Iris
Correct Answer -
96. Two positions of a dce are shown.
Identify the number at the botton when at the top is 3.
(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 6
Correct Answer -
97. John is 20 years old than Ram. In 10 years, Ram's age will be half that of John's. What is Ram's age?
(A) 2 years
(B) 8 years
(C) 10 years
(D) 20 years
Correct Answer -
98. The number of minutes in 1? hours is:
(A) 60
(B) 65
(C) 71
(D) 80
Correct Answer - (D) 80
99. A school has a total of 90 students. 30 students take Physics, 25 take English and 13 take both. What percentage of the students are taking either Physics or English?
(A) 30%
(B) 36%
(C) 47%
(D) 51%
Correct Answer -
100. Cultivation always has :
(A) Spade
(B) Tractor
(C) Land
(D) Labourer
Correct Answer - (C) Land
101. Find the value of x:
x:2 :: 12:3
(A) 8
(B) 6
(C) 4
(D) 2
Correct Answer -
102. Point out the stranger in the following line :
Sympathy, Love, Kindness, Cruelty, Large heartedness
(A) Love
(B) Sympathy
(C) Cruelty
(D) Large heartedness
Correct Answer - (C) Land
103. Complete the following :
Hand and Nail, Tooth and _______
(A) Glove
(B) Brush
(C) Nail
(D) Paste
Correct Answer -
104. Arrange in order the following :
8932, 7829, 8927, 7982
(A) 7829, 7982, 8927, 8932
(B) 7982, 7829, 8927, 8932
(C) 8932, 8927, 7982, 7829
(D) 8932, 7982, 7829, 8927
Correct Answer -
105. School:Receptionist:: Place:?
(A) Co-passenger
(B) Stewart
(C) Pilot
(D) No one
Correct Answer -
106. Titanic is related to Ship, so is Sukhoi related to :
(A) Car
(B) Bike
(C) Aircraft
(D) Spacecraft
Correct Answer - (C) Aircraft
107. Which of the following is different in the group?
(A) Editing
(B) Picture Selection
(C) Page Setting
(D) Blog-Writing
Correct Answer -
108. Put them in a right order :
Topic-1, Conclusion-4, Body-2, Introduction-3
(A) 1,3,2,4
(B) 4,1,2,3
(C) 2,3,1,4
(D) 1,4,3,2
Correct Answer -
109. 3 F, 6 G, 11 I, 18 L ________
(A) 22 O
(B) 25 N
(C) 27 P
(D) 28 K
Correct Answer -
110. As yesterday is to tomorrow so Sunday is to :
(A) Tuesday
(B) Friday
(C) Wednesday
(D) Saturday
Correct Answer -

Section - D
Knowledge of Commission/Committees on Education (Q. Nos.:111 to 130)
111. Who was the Chairperson of the committee of "Learning Without Burden"?
(A) Prof. Krishna Kumar
(B) Prof. Yash Pal
(C) Poromesh Acharya
(D) Dina Guha
Correct Answer -
112. Which Commission recommended Milti-purpose Schools?
(A) Education Commission
(B) University Commission
(C) National Educational Policy
(D) Seconday Education Commission
Correct Answer -
113. Education Commission submitted its report on :
(A) 2 June, 1964
(B) 2 October, 1964
(C) 2 June, 1965
(D) 2 June, 1966
Correct Answer -
114. NCF-2005 talks about :
(A) Syllabus and Text-book
(B) Early Childhood Programme
(C) School Education Programmes
(D) Evaluation
Correct Answer -
115. Planning Commission has be replaced by :
(A) NITI Ayog
(B) NIFTI Ayog
(C) NIC Ayog
(D) NIITI Ayog
Correct Answer - (A) NITI Ayog
116. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System is introduced by
Correct Answer -
117. First National Educational Policy was promulagatd in :
(A) 1986
(B) 1992
(C) 1948
(D) 1968
Correct Answer -
118. Right to Education was enacted in :
(A) 2 July, 2009
(B) 26 August, 2009
(C) 4 August, 2009
(D) 1 April, 2010
Correct Answer -
119. Which of the following is a function of CABE?
(A) To co-ordinate the work of the State Language Institutes
(B) To advise on any educational question referred to it by the Govt. of India
(C) To act as bridge between in school and out of school education
(D) Training of teachers
Correct Answer -
120. To main function of DIETS is :
(A) to impart adult education
(B) to impart adolescence education
(C) to train teachere - pre-service and inservice
(D) to prepare documents
Correct Answer -
121. For the improvement in primary education, the centrally sponsored scheme is :
(A) National Institute of Public Co-operation and Child Development
(B) National Talent Search Scheme
(C) Operation Blackboard
(D) Navodaya Vidyalayas
Correct Answer -
122. Which programme was launched with the assistance of World Bank in 1993?
(A) D.P.E.P.
(B) Mid-day Meal
(C) Lok Jumbish Project
(D) All of these
Correct Answer - (A) NITI Ayog
123. The apex institution in educational planning and administration in India is :
Correct Answer -
124. Who is the chair person of UGC?
(A) Prof. Krishma Kumar
(B) Prof. Ved Prakash
(C) Prof. Sukdev Thorat
(D) Prof. R.N. Rai
Correct Answer -
125. Which of the following is a feature of Basic Education?
(A) Compulsory education for seven years
(B) Medium of instruction mother tongue
(C) Manual and product work
(D) All of these
Correct Answer -
126. For review fo National Educational Policy, which of the following committees was appointed?
(A) Sampoornanand Committee
(B) Acharaya Rama Murthi Committee
(C) Durgabai Deshmukh Committee
(D) Ishwar Bhai Patel Committee
Correct Answer -
127. Socially useful productive work is introduced to acquaint children :
(A) with the world of work
(B) the social problems
(C) to provide opportunities for self-expression
(D) all of these
Correct Answer -
128. NCFTE-2009 is related to :
(A) School Education
(B) Teacher Education
(C) Technical Education
(D) None of these
Correct Answer -
129. National Council of Educational Research and Training formulated a scheme to indentify talented student :
Correct Answer -
130. The regulatory body of teacher education is :
Correct Answer -

Section - E
Teaching Aptitude and Attitude (Q.Nos.:131 to 150)
131. If one of your teacher friend does not read books, then you will :
(A) buy books and gift them to him
(B) read the books and discuss with him
(C) not get affected and will continue to read books
(D) ask him to buy books
Correct Answer - (A) buy books and gift them to him
132. In the present times, a good teacher along with communication skills :
(A) needs not to know technical skills
(B) for technical skills, the help of computer-operator can be taken
(C) needs to know technical skills
(D) cannot say
Correct Answer - (B) for technical skills, the help of computer-operator can be taken
133. A teacher keeps in mind :
(A) the sensitivities related to gender, class and religion
(B) gender, caste and religion in the class are baseless
(C) the sensitivity of gender
(D) the sensitivity of caste
Correct Answer - (B) gender, caste and religion in the class are baseless
134. A teacher should make use of the following in the classroom :
(A) chart, toys, stories etc.
(B) readymade teaching aids
(C) charts, toys, stories and readymade teaching aids
(D) None of these
Correct Answer - (C) charts, toys, stories and readymade teaching aids
135. In the process of teaching and learning, a teacher :
(A) should actively engage every pupil
(B) cannot engage every pupil
(C) pupils do not learn
(D) parents should engage pupils
Correct Answer - (A) should actively engage every pupil
136. A teacher should agree to which of the following statements?
(A) A teacher should not pay attention to his/her own handwriting
(B) A teacher should pay attention to the handwriting of his students
(C) In the age of computes, paying attention to handwriting is a wastage of time
(D) Other things are more important than handwriting
Correct Answer - (B) A teacher should pay attention to the handwriting of his students
137. Which of the following statements is most appropriate?
(A) A teacher should be an encyclopedia
(B) A teacher should increase his store of knowledge
(C) A teacher should increase knowledge and communicate
(D) A teacher should communicate knowledge
Correct Answer - (C) A teacher should increase knowledge and communicate
138. Which of the following statements best explains teaching profession?
(A) Teaching profession is challenging
(B) Teaching profession is simple
(C) Teaching profession is complex
(D) Teaching profession depends on personality
Correct Answer - (D) Teaching profession depends on personality
139. Teachers in the drive of cleanliness drive :
(A) should work in the drive 'Safe Hands'
(B) should build lavatories
(C) should aware people about hygiene
(D) all of these
Correct Answer - (C) should aware people about hygiene
140. With which of the following do you agree?
(A) Students of technical courses be not taught social sciences
(B) Students of technical courses should not study performing arts
(C) Students of technical courses be not taught visual arts
(D) Social sciences, visual arts and performing arts be taught
Correct Answer - (D) Social sciences, visual arts and performing arts be taught
141. Which of the following tasks is least important to the teachers?
(A) Learning
(B) Teaching
(C) Analysis of text-books
(D) Analysis of economic policies
Correct Answer - (D) Analysis of economic policies
142. If your teacher friend gets transferred to village, he is unable to spend his leisure time so he should:
(A) get transferred to back to his place
(B) study problems of the people of his village
(C) search for other work/job
(D) do some side business
Correct Answer - (B) study problems of the people of his village
143. For the problems of school, where a teacher is working :
(A) should look in books
(B) should research and act locally
(C) should write to his officers
(D) should leave to headmaster
Correct Answer - (C) should write to his officers
144. Which of the following statements is true about educational tours?
(A) Students put into trouble during educational tour
(B) Educational tours are intereting and pleasurable
(C) Educational tour is a diffcult task
(D) Educatinal tour conduction should not be given to teachers
Correct Answer - (B) Educational tours are intereting and pleasurable
146. Which of the following is not advised to children in leisure time?
(A) going to parks after school hours
(B) going to exhibition
(C) playing games
(D) playing video-games
Correct Answer - (D) playing video-games
147. For the bad behaviour of the students, a teacher should :
(A) complain to the parents
(B) handle the problem himself
(C) counsel student and parents separately
(D) bring to the notice of the headmaster
Correct Answer - (C) counsel student and parents separately
148. The most attention shoud be paid to :
(A) School Education
(B) Higher Education
(C) Technical Education
(D) Science Education
Correct Answer - (A) School Education
149. Which of the following traits you will look most for the appointment of teachers?
(A) Commitment and competency
(B) Punctuality
(C) Concern for school and students
(D) Level of knowledge and communication
Correct Answer - (D) Level of knowledge and communication
150. Teacher's task is not related to :
(A) Management
(B) Administration
(C) Policy making
(D) Teaching
Correct Answer - (B) Administration

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