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2017 University of Madras Ethiraj College Autonomous BSc Computer Science Programming in C for I year students admitted from 2016 onwards University Question paper

Course:   University/board: University of Madras

The original question paper for the major subject Programming in C of Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai for the I BSc Computer Science course.

Ethiraj College For Women(Autonomous)
Chennai - 600 008. 5DE6
(for candidates admitted from the academic year 2016-2017)

B.Sc Degree Examination November - 2017
I Year - I Semester

Computer Science

Title of the paper: Programming in C

Paper code: CPI6/1C/PIC Max marks : 100
Time : 3 hours

Section A
Answer all the questions (10x2=20 marks)
1. What is type conversion?
2. Give the basic structure of a C Program.
3. What is Pseudo code?
4. Draw a flowchart to add two numbers.
5. Give an example of comparing two strings.
6. Define scope of a variable.
7. Differentiate structures and unions.
8. Declare an array of pointers.
9. Give the various modes of opening a file.
10. Define command line arguments.

Section B
Answer any five questions (5x8=40 marks)

11. Explain nested if statement with an example.
12. Differentiate While and Do while.
13. Define algorithm. Discuss about its characteristics.
14. Elaborate on categories of functions.
15. Define recursion. Explain with an example.
16. Define Pointers. Give any four operations that can be carried out.
17. Write a C program to open and append data to a file.
18. Explain any four string functions.

Section C
Answer any four questions (4X10=40 marks)
19. Give the syntax of for and switch statements. Explain with an example.
20. Give the algorithm and draw a flowchart to find n!
21. Define an Array. Give its uses. Explain how a character is declared and processed.
22. Give the use of structure. Explain with an example structure within structure.
23. Discuss about various functions to read and write files.
24. Write short notes on the C datatypes and operators.

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