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This question paper is a model of Kendriya Vidyalaya IISC Bengaluru. Its a model of periodic test 2,its total marks is 40. Subject is English and Time allotted for this is 90 min.

Kendriya Vidyalaya IISC Bengaluru
Perodic Test -II
Class IV
Subject : English

Reading (1 x 5=5)
Once a man, his son and a donkey were going to the town. After walking some distance, the boy felt tired, so his father made him sit on the donkey. People in the town mocked at him saying he must help his old father. The boy asked father to sit on the donkey and started walking. people remarked why don't you both sit on the donkey and travel. Listening to them both father and son sat on the donkey. Later someone said poor animal is troubled. Listening to the people they carried the donkey now. People again laughed at both of them and called them foolish.
We understand from the story that we must think wisely and act not simply listening to others.
1) Who were going to the town?
2) What did the people call them?
3) What is the moral of the story?
4) Write a suitable heading for the story?
5) Write opposite of Young x ________

1) Who visited Akbar's court? (The Pundit's mother tongue) (1 mark)
2) Who all tried to move the cow from the road? How did the boy manage to move the cow? (2 marks)
3) What is the best time to water the plants? Give another word for thirsty feet in the poem.(Water Rhyme) (2 marks)

Creative writing (2 x 5 =10)
I. Write about uses of flowers in few lines using the following words
[Medicine, fragrance, flavor, food, natural color, pooja, decoration, oil]
II. Write few lines on how to protect animals and plants in forest. using the following words
[ forest, medical care, healthy food, safari park, planting trees, cutting trees, no hunting, live naturally, clean surrounding]

Grammar (10 marks)

1. Arrange the given statements in the order of happenings in the story- "The giving tree". Use the prefixes ( First, after that, then and finally)
a) It gives its branches to make a house. (4 marks)
b) It told sit on my stump.
c) It gave its trunk to make a boat.
d) It gave its apples to the boy.

2. Write "a or an"suitably (1 mark)
a) _________tree.

3. Write suitable word describing word for the following (2 marks)
a) A __________pundit(learned/illiterate)
b)A___________peacock (beautiful/ugly)

4. Write the past tense of the following: (2 marks)
a) put-
b) buy-

5. Choose the correct form of the word (1 mark)
An ___________a day keeps the doctor away. ____________are grown in cold places.(apples/apple)

Spelling (1x5=5)
Fill the missing letters:
1. w_l_op
2. wr_s_ler
3. pol_c_man
4. c_all_nge
5. L_dg_


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