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2018 Commerce Himachal Pradesh University B.Com (Hons.) 4 semester 2018, paper of Indian Economy Question paper

Course: B.Com   University/board: Himachal Pradesh University

Are you looking for latest question paper of Himachal Pradesh University? Here is the question paper of Indian economy of the Fourth-semester exam held in April 2018. You can take help and prepare for your exam.

UGC (CBCS) B.Com. ( Hons.) 4th Semester
(New) Examination

Paper: BCH-4.4
Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks-70

Note:- Question No. 1 is compulsory. Frm Question No. 2 attempt six questions in all, one from each unit.

Compulsory Question
1.(A)Choose the correct answer: [ 5 Marks]
(1) Inequalities are more marked in UDCs in:
(a) Agriculture sector
(b) Manufacturing sector
(c) Service sector
(d) None of the above

(2) The rate of growth of population is determined by:
(a) The pressure of population
(b) The birth rate only
(c) The birth and death rate
(d) Gross reproduction rate

(3) 'Invisible' in the balance of payment account refers to:
(a) Good transaction
(b) Service transaction
(c) Capital inflow and outflow
(d) None of the above

(4) Plans in India failed due to:
(a) Poor implementation
(b) Errors in preparation of plans
(c) Only (a) and (b)
(d)Ambitious targets

(5) The biggest large-scale industry in India is:
(a) Sugar industry
(b) Textile industry
(c) Jute industry
(d) Iron and steel industry

(B) Fill in the Blanks: [ 3 Marks]
(6) The private sector is the ownership of__________ (Individual/Govt.)
(7) Industrialisation in India will boost the proper utilization of ________ resources. (Social/Natural)
(8) The government of ________ should check the investment in MNCs. (Developing countries/Developed countries)

(c) State true or false: [ 2 Marks]
(9) Globalisation is not to start new markets.
(10) Literacy is one of the most important indicators of socio-economic progress of any area.

2. Explain briefly the nature of development problems. Why is this problem most significant in the modern world? [ 12 Marks]

3. What do you mean by HDI (Human Development Index)? Discuss the components of HDI in detail. [ 5+7=12 Marks]

4. What are the causes of slow growth of National Income? Suggest measures to raise national income in India. [ 6+6=12 Marks]

5. Elucidate the causes of low agricultural productivity in India. [ 12 Marks]

6. Explain the status of economic reforms since 1991. [ 12 Marks]

7. Define a monetary policy. State the various methods adopted by the Central Bank For credit control. [ 12 Marks]

8. Compare and contrast the balanced and unbalanced growth. Which of the two, you will prefer for the developing country like India? [ 12 Marks]

9. Explain how India's environmental problems are both poverty induced as well as the consequence of affluence. [ 12 Marks]

10. The green revolution is both a Cornucopia and a Pandora's box. Explain the statement. [12 Marks]

11. Explain FDI. Define the merits and demerits of FDI in context to India. [5+7=12 Marks]

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