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2019 Bangalore University Politics B.B.A English Question paper

Course: B.B.A   University/board: Bangalore University

First semester and other course coming under the Faculty of commerce and Management,Degree Examination November/December 2019

Q.P. Code : 34101
First Semester B.Com./B.B.A./B.H.M and other courses coming
under the Faculty of Commerce and Management, Degree
Examination, November/December 2019

(CBCS - Freshers)


Time:3 Hours
Max Marks : 70
Instructions to Candidates

1) Answer all questions
2) Meriton your question number correctly.


(Work Blood

Correct the following sentences. (5*1=5)
1Always speak truth

2 The king, with his ministers, were present

3.Thave been suffering from fever from last night

4.One of all her sisters are lovely.

5.Volunteers does a lot of work around the town.

II. Rearrange the given sentences in proper sequence in a paragraph (5)

1.But sometimes, the persons of opposite nature also come closer fall, in each
other's company by accident, chance or out of ignorance vitiating the above
statement to some extent

2.If a man moves in the company of good, gentle and noble people, he is usually
adjudged to be a gentleman

3. It is usual for a man to see company of those who possess tastes, tendencies and
temperaments like his own

4.On the other side, if he keeps company with evil persons and bad characterSy he
1s considered to be a man of bad character.

5.Generally, the character and conduct of a person is gauged by the kinas, o
peopie he mixes and moves with.


Q.P. Code: 34101

Read the following passage carefully and answer the gven questions (5)

III. The Trojan War is partly historical and partily mythological. The war was fought
between the Trojans who lived in what 1s modern day Turkey and the Greeks
who lived across the Aegean Sea. The problem began when Paris, a prince of
Troy, eloped with or kidnapped Helen, the wife of Menelaus, the King of Sparta in
Greece. Menelaus wanted to organize an expedition to get her back.

He asked his brother Agamemnon, King of Mycenae in Greece, to be the leader of
the expedition. Greek heroes like Achilles, Ajax, Odysseus, and thousands of
warriors joined with them. More than 1000 ships from all over Greece set sail
across the Aegean Sea for Troy. They wanted to demand that Priam, the king of
Troy, return Helen.

The Greeks laid siege to the city of Troy and camped around its walls tor ten
years. Individual battles took place outside the walls when Trojan heroes came
out to fight Greeks. The Greek hero Achilles chased a Trojan prince Hector
around the walls and killed him in revenge. Hector had killed Achilles' best friend

Later, the Trojan prince Paris killed the Greek hero Achilles with an arrow in the
only place in his body where he was vulnerable. According to mythology, Achilles
mother had dipped him in the River Styx in the Underworld to protect him from
death. However, because she held him by his heel to dip him, his heel was not
touched by the water and was not immortal

After ten years of the siege, the Greek army left. In reality, they sailed just out of
sight of 1roy. The Greeks left a huge wooden horse on the beach. A Greek
deserter named Sinon told the Trojans that the Greeks had left the horse as an
atonement, sacrifice to Athena because the Greek Odysseus had stolen her statue
from a Trojan temple, The Greeks wanted to get back her favour.
The Trojan princess Cassandra, who was a seer or a prophet, warned the Trojans
that it was a trick, but she had been cursed by the God Apollo that no one would
ever believe her. Also, the God Poseidon sent two serpents out of the sea to
strangle his Trojan priest La0coon and his two sons. Laocoon had warned the
Trojans about bringing the horse into the city. Poseidon was angry with the king
of Troy. He wanted the city of Troy destroyed.

Sinon told the Trojans that it was so big because the Greeks didnt want the
Trojans to be able to take it inside the city. The Trojans decided they wanted it
inside the city so broke down the walls and dragged it in. at night, while the
Trojans were partying because of the Greeks' departure, a trap door in the horse
was opened by men inside. Greeks swarmed out and fought the Trojans all over
the city. The other Greeks sailed back and the city was captured.


1.The Trojan war was fought between..................

2.Why was the war fought?

3.Why did Achilles kill Hector?

4.How did Paris succeed in killing Achilles?

5.What haPpened when the horse was taken into the Trojan city

IV. Expand the News paper captions given below:(5x1 5)

1.20 dead in bus mishap

2.Gold prices at new peak

3.Bomb scare in plane

4.Australia fails on final day

5.BSF Jawan killed in firing by Bangla guards.

V.Fil in the blanks with appropriate idioms and phrases from the list given below : (3 x 1 = 3)

(look into, cut a sorry figure, put off, look after)

1.The examinations were a day because of the bundh.

2. I did not complete my work and so.....................

3.The Polce Commissioner told hee would.................. the case.



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