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2019 B.E Mechanical Engineering B.E Jadavpur University Mechanical Engineering- Fluid Mechanics (2nd Year First Semester) -2019 Question paper

Course: B.E Mechanical Engineering   University/board: Jadavpur University

Want to get the Question paper of Mechanical Engineering- Fluid Mechanics (2nd Year First Semester) of Jadavpur University? Don't worry in this page you will get the required question paper.

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B.E Mechanical Engineering 2nd year, 1st Semester
-Fluid Mechanics-

Total Time - 3 Hours
Full Marks - 100

Basic concept of turbulence and turbulent flow. (1 hrs.)
Equation of motion for viscous flow – two-dimensional laminar flow between flat parallel plates and annulus
(2 hrs.)
Boundary Layer Theory: concept of boundary layer, boundary layer thickness, displacement thickness,
momentum thickness, growth of boundary layer; Prandtl's boundary layer equations, Von Karman's momentum
integral equation for a boundary layer, skin friction drag coefficient for laminar and turbulent boundary layer,
hydraulically smooth and rough surfaces; boundary layer in pipe flow, friction velocity; separation of boundary
layer, form drag, method of drag reduction; lift and drag on submerged bodies, aerofoils, stalling of aerofoils.
(10 hrs.)
Compressible Flow: review of thermodynamic principles for perfect gases, adiabatic and isentropic relations;
steady flow energy equation; speed of propagation of a small disturbance through a compressible fluid, sonic
velocity, Mach number, mach cone and Mach wave; isentropic flow, stagnation properties of a compressible
flow, isentropic pressure, temperature and density ratios; compressibility correction factor in the measurement
of air speed; area – velocity relationship for compressible flow through a variable area duct, mass flow rate
through a duct, critical condition and choking; flow through convergent-divergent nozzle, over expansion and
under expansion, performance of propulsive nozzles; normal shock, normal shock relations, wave drag.
(10 hrs.)
Ideal Fluid Flow: rotation of a fluid particle, vorticity, rotational and irrotational motion; velocity potential
function, circulation, stream function, flownet; governing equation for two dimensional irrotational motion,
simple two dimensional irrotational flows like uniform flow, plane source, plane sink etc; superimposition of
simple irrotational flows, combination of a source and a sink, combination of uniform flow and a source
(Rankine half body), combination of a uniform flow and a source-sink pair (Rankine oval), doublet and its
strength, superimposition of an uniform flow and a doublet (flow past a stationary cylinder); vortex motion –
free and forced vortex, strength of a vortex; combination of a uniform flow, a doublet and a free vortex (flow
over a rotating cylinder), Magnus effect, Kutta-Joukowski's theorem. (12 hrs.)
Dimensional analysis and Buckingham Pi theorem; similarity and model studies. (3 hrs.)
Unsteady flow – water hammer.


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