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2019 B.E. Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering B.E Jadavpur University Electronics Engineering - Electrical Machines (2nd Year First Semester) -2019 Question paper

Course: B.E. Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering   University/board: Jadavpur University

Are you looking for the old question papers of Jadavpur University Electronics Engineering - Electrical Machines ? Here is the previous year question paper from Jadavpur University. This is the original question paper from the ETCE Department second year first semester exam conducted by Jadavpur University in year 2019. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

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Exam Name- B.E Electronics and Tele-Communication Exam
2nd Year- 1st Semester

Subject- Electrical Machines

Total Time- Three Hours
Maximum Marks- 100


Single-phase transformer construction and basic principle of operation, core type and
shell type. Materials used for core. winding and insulation,(e.m.f. equivalent circuit;)
equivalent circuit referred to primary phasor diagram, polarity test, o.c and s.c. test
regulation. efficiency. all ,day efficiency, parallel operation. induction motor three phase
balanced excitation system. development of rotating magnetic field. frequency of the
induced emf and relationship to number of poles. construction and basic principle of
operation of 3 phase induction motor, slip, slip speed and slip frequency, per-phase
equivalent circuit, phasor diagram, types of windings, squirrel cage and slip-ring motor
construction, equations for torque, torque-speed characteristics, effect of change in rotor
resistance in slip-ring machine, methods of starting and speed control.
D.C.. machines construction and operating principle, function of commutator and brush
system, armature reaction and their effects, MMF distribution, commutation, interlopes.
D.C. generators EMF equation characteristics with different excitation systems, voltage
relation. parallel operation. D.C. motors equation for torque, characteristics with different
excitation systems. Method of starting. Speed control, speed-torque characteristics.
synchronous machines alternator: construction, EMF equation, armature reaction with
different power factor of loads, phasor diagram, methods of determination of voltage
regulation. Parallel operation of alternators and synchronization. Synchronous motors
principle of operation, hunting, starting method. Introduction to stepper motor.


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