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2018 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University B.Sc Computer Science (Honours) C programming II Bsc computer science 2nd sem Oct 2018 question paper of BAMU university. Question paper

Course: B.Sc Computer Science (Honours)   University/board: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University

The last year question paper provides for practice of Bsc computer science students. This may be helpful for to see paper structure and practice of paper.

Q.1 Multiple Choice Question.

1) To define / declare an union ______ key word is used.
a) Union b) un c) struct d) union
2) getc( ) returns EOF when
a) End of file is reached b) when getc( ) fails to read a character
c) both of the above d) None of the above
3) The size of an structure variable is equal to _________
a) Zero bytes b) size of the largest member type
c) sum of size of all member type c) None of above
4) What is the output of following program?
# include
void fun (int *ptr)
*ptr = 30;

int main( )
int y = 20;
fun (&y);
printf ("%", y-10);
return 0;
a) 30 b) 20 c) Compile time error d) garbage value
5) In fopen( ) function in the r+ mode ________
a) The existing file is opened to the beginning for both reading and writing
b) The existing file is opened to the end for both reading and writing
c) A new file is opened to the end for both reading and writing
d) The existing file is opened to the beginning for reading
6) An / A ________ variable is both alive and active throughout the program.
a) Automatic b) External
c) both a and b d) None of above
7) The ______ function reports the status of the file indicated.
a) fseek( ) b) feof ( ) c) ferror ( ) d) None of above
8) In compiler directives, #elif stand for _________
a) end if b) if end of line c) else if d) none of above
9) How many forms of macro substitution are available in C – Language.
a) two b) 32 c) three d) one
10) What is output of the following Program
void fn(float *);
int main ( )
int iNo = 20, *iP=&iNo;
fn (&iNo);
Void fn(float *ip)
a) 20.000000 b) garbage value c) 0.000000 d) code crash

a) What are function prototypes? What is their purpose? Where within a program are function
prototypes normally placed.
b) What are differences between passing an array to a function and passing a single – valued
data item to a function?
c) Write a program in c to sort an array of numbers using pointer.
a) Write a program in c to define a structure name stDept having member nDeptID,
sDeptName, sManager. Declare a variable of type stStud and populate the same.
b) Design a recursive function to calculate sum of n numbers.
c) Write a program in c to open file named test.txt, add Name and address of university, close
the file. Reopen the file and read the file and display the data.
a) What is meant by the storage class of a variable?
b) How is an array of structure initialize?
c) Explain any three string handling function with suitable example.
Q.5 Write Short notes (Any two)
a) Difference between structure and union.
b) Pointer operator.
c) Write syntax of atoi( ), atol( ), atof( ), itoa ( ) and Itoa ( ) functions.

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