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2019 B.E Computer Science and Engineering B.E Jadavpur University Computer Science & Engineering - Digital Communication Systems (3rd Year First Semester) -2019 Question paper

Course: B.E Computer Science and Engineering   University/board: Jadavpur University

Are you looking for the old question papers of Jadavpur University Computer Science & Engineering - Digital Communication Systems ? Here is the previous year question paper from Jadavpur University. This is the original question paper from the CSE Department for Third year first semester exam conducted by Jadavpur University in year 2019. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

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Exam Name- B.E Computer Science and Engineering Exam
3rd Year- 1st Semester

Subject- Digital Communication Systems

Total Time- Three Hours
Maximum Marks- 100


Introduction: Data and signal fundamentals, Analog and digital signals
Signals and Signal Analysis: Periodic and nonperiodic signals, Composite signals,
Signal analysis, Time and frequency domain representation, Bandwidth, Wave symmetry,
Linear and non-linear mixing of signals.
Transmission Impairments: Attenuation, Distortion, Noise - correlated and
uncorrelated noises and their categories, Thermal noise, Noise factor and noise figure,
Harmonic distortion and intermodulation distortion, Data rate limits for noisy and
noiseless channels, Performance
Digital Transmission: Problems with digital transmission, Different line
coding schemes, Block coding schemes, Scrambling techniques; Analog to digital
conversion – Sampling techniques, Sampling theorem, Pulse amplitude modulation, Pulse
code modulation, Differential pulse code modulation, Delta modulation (along with
advantages and disadvantages of each technique), Transmission modes (serial and
Analog Transmission: Concepts of carrier signal, modulating signal and modulated
signal; Amplitude modulation – double sideband suppressed carrier, double sideband
transmitted carrier, single sideband; Frequency modulation – Narrowband FM and
wideband FM; Digital to analog conversion – Amplitude shift keying, Frequency shift
keying, Phase shift keying, Quadrature amplitude modulation, Performance.
Transmission Media: Guided (wired) media – Twisted pair cable, Coaxial cable and
Fibre optic cable, Construction, categories and connectors of each type, Performance,
Advantages and disadvantages and applications of each type of media, Different
propagation modes through fibre optic cable, Unguided (wireless) media – Different
propagation modes, Radio waves, Terrestrial microwaves, Infrared, Applications and
performances, Satellite communication.
Multiplexing and Spreading: Concept of multiplexing, Frequency division
multiplexing, Time division multiplexing – Synchronous and Statistical time division
multiplexing, Handling variable length data, Pulse stuffing, Concept of spreading
spectrum, Frequency hopping spread spectrum and Direct sequence spread spectrum.
Modems and Interfaces: Dial-up modems, modem speed, standards; other modems;
Interface standards.
Error Detection and Correction: Types of errors, Basic concepts of error detection and
correction, Redundancy, Hamming distance, Error detection – Simple parity check codes,
Two-dimensional parity check, Cyclic redundancy check, Polynomials and cyclic code
analysis, Checksum, Error correction – Hamming code.
Protocols for Data Communication: Flow control and Error control, Stop and Wait
protocol and its efficiency, Sliding window protocols - Go-back-N and Selective repeat,
Piggybacking, HDLC, Point-to-point protocol.


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