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2019 B.E Electrical Engineering B.E Jadavpur University Electrical Engineering - Field Theory (3rd Year First Semester) -2019 Question paper

Course: B.E Electrical Engineering   University/board: Jadavpur University

Are you looking for the old question papers of Jadavpur University Computer Science & Engineering - Field Theory ? Here is the previous year question paper from Jadavpur University. This is the original question paper from the Electrical Engineering Department for Third year first semester exam conducted by Jadavpur University in year 2019. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

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Exam Name- B.E Electrical Engineering Exam
3rd Year- 1st Semester

Subject- Field Theory

Total Time- Three Hours
Maximum Marks- 100


Electric vector field and scalar potential field, Relation between electric field intensity and
potential, Gauss's integral law for electric displacement field, electric dipole fields,
Electric polarization, and its relation to the permittivity of dielectric media, Physical
interpretation of gradient, divergence theorem, Gauss's law in differential form, Poisson's
and Laplace's equations, These equations in cartesian, cylindrical and spherical
coordinates, Matching boundary conditions at the interface of different dielectric media,
Electric stress and mechanical force in charged conductors, Energy stored in electric
field, Solution of Laplace's equation by separation of variables method, Capacitance of
coaxial cables and two wire transmission lines and related electric fields, Numerical
analysis of electric fields by solving Laplace's equation, Iterative methods, Finite
elements. Uniqueness theorem, Method of Images for the solution of electric fields.
Magnetic field intensity, Lorentz force, Motoring and generating principles,Physical
interpretation of curl and stoke's theorem, Ampere's law in both integral and differential
forms, Scalar and Vector magnetic potential and deduction of Biot-Savart's law and its
application for different current cofiguration, Boundary conditions, Solution of field
problem by image method, Self and mutual inductance, Inductance of coaxial cable and
two wire transmission lines, Energy in magnetic field, Force due to magnetic field in
magnetic medium. Faraday's Law of electromagnetic induction,Maxwell's field
equations, Displacement current density and continuity equation, Electromagnetic wave
equations in loss-free and lossy media, Plane and polarized waves and their propagation
as solutions of wave equation,propagation,attenuation and phase constants,intrinsic
impedances, Poynting's vector, Poynting's theorem,Power flow through electromagnetic
media, Elements of wave guide and radiating systems (antenna), Diffusion equation for
eddy currents and skin effect.


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