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2018 Tamilnadu Agricultural University Agriculture B.Sc Agricultural Marketing Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,Bsc. Agri(hons). degree Programme, Principles and practices of seed production2017 syllabus, November 2018.. Question paper

Course: B.Sc Agricultural Marketing   University/board: Tamilnadu Agricultural University

Are you looking for the old question papers from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University bsc.agri. Principles of seed technology paper. Here is the previous year question paper from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. This is the original question paper from Bsc. Agri. Third mid semester exam conducted in November 2018. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.


Bsc.Agri(hons) Degree Programme

Mid semester examination, November 2018.

Year : 2018 (2017 syllabus) Time : 1 hour
Sem : III. SST 201 Principles and practices of seed technology (2+1) Max.marks: 20

PART - A {40×.5=20}

(Answer ALL questions)

Multiple choice questions

1. Stratification treatment recommended to overcome

A) Morphological dormancy B)Physical dormancy C) Physiological dormancy D)Morpho -Physical dormancy

2. TGMS system based hybrid seed production followed in

A)Maize B) Rice C) Tomato D) Cotton

3. The Scar on the seed furiculus detaches at maturity

A)Hilum B) Micropyle C) Integuments D)Raphe

4. Identify the name of the crop seed in which photoblastic character is reported

A) Coriander B) Lettuce C)Onion D)Lily

5. Plant growth regulator associated dormancy is called as

A) Morphological dormancy B) Physical dormancy C) Physiological dormancy D)Morpho -Physical dormancy

6. Different type of male sterility mechanism is employed for production of hybrid seeds in both vegetable and agricultural crops. In some of the crops male sterility was successfully created for the purpose of hybrid seed production. Three line system of hybrid seed production very commonly followed in

A)Maize B) Sorghum C)Red gram D)Onion

7.The aliveness of seed is known as

A) viability B) Germinability C)vigour D)Seed health

8. Inability of viable seed not able to germinate even under favourable condition is called as seed dormancy,seed dormancy is useful for preserving the viability of seed during storage. Which of the following crop morphological dormancy is reported

A) Coriander B)Oil palm C) Sunflower D)Pulses

9.GMS system based hybrid seed production is followed in

A)Rice B)Red gram C) Maize D)Onion

10. Tag colour of foundation seed in

A)Azure blue B)Opal green C) Golden yellow D)White

11. Detasseling of maize comes under

A) Emasculation B)CGMS C)GMS D)PGMS

12.Which of the following crop, high humidity at the time of maturation leads to occurrence of mottled seed

A) Groundnut B)Peas C)Bhendi D)Maize

13. Important operation adopted in hybrid maize seed production

A)Jerking B)Rod driving C) Detasseling D) Emasculation and dusting

14. Isolation distance depends on

A) pollination behaviour B)pollen viability C) Pollinating agent D)All

15. Identify the inseparable other crops category from the four option given below

A)Barlay,Wheat,Rice,Oat B) Barley,Wheat,Rye,Oat
C)Barlay,Wheat,Gram,Oat D) Barley,Wheat,Rice,Maize

16.What is a tool employed for hybrid seed production in redgram


17. Occurence of fatuoids in oats is the outcome of

A)Developmental variation B) Mechanical mixtures C)Mutation D) Natural crossing

18.Occurence of rainfall during harvest causes Insitu germination in

A) Groundnut B) Tomato C)Bhendi D)Maize

19.Supplementary pollination adopted in paddy hybrid seed production

A)Rope pulling B)GA3 Application C)Sib mating D) keeping bee hives

20.Which of the following factor is not a major problem with reference to varietal deterioration

A) Designated diseases B) Mechanical mixtures C) Mutation D)Natural Crossing

21.The isolation distance adopted for groundnut foundation seed production.

A)3m B)10 m C)5 m D)30m

22. Unlike other form of life, seed cannot retain their viability indefinitely and eventually deteriorate and die.Which of the following concept is not related to seed deterioration?

A)Seed deterioration is an inexorable process B)Seed deterioration is an irreversible process
C)Seed deterioration is a reversible process D)Seed deterioration is varies among seed population

23.Seed production is a systematic scientific approach of mass multiplication of seed with assured quality as per the Indian government recommendations. Which of the following is not genetic contaminant.

A)Weed B)Off type C)Wild species D) Volunteer plant

24. Germination percentage of cotton is________%.

25. During seed production climatic factor also causes lot of problem to the seed producer with reference to maintanence of field and seed standards. Occurence of rainfall during maturity causes discoloration of seed in

26.Tip sterility is the common problem in

A)Rice B)Pearl millet C)Wheat D)Maize

27. Identify the correct sequence of consequences associated with seed deterioration on seed performance in the field level.
a)Lower germination
b) Decreased resistance to environmental stress
c)Reduced yield potential
d)Slower rate of Seedling growth

A)a,b,c,d B)a, d, b, c C)c,a,b,d D)d, a, b, c

28.In acid extraction method for vegetables __________ acid is used.

A) Hydrochloric acid B)Boric acid C) Sulphuric acid D)Nitric acid

29. SMR for groundnut seed is

A)1:8 B)1:18 C)1:2 D)1:80

30. Identify the statement not related to seed deterioration.

A)Loss of membrane integrity B) Low respiration quotient value
C)Loss of enzyme activity D) Increase in free fatty acid content

31. The physiological maturity symptom for Bhendi is

A)Plants turns yellow B)Seed becomes black
C)Hair line crack D) Bursting of fingers

32.In __________ crop time isolation is permitted during seed production

A)Paddy B)Bajra C) Wheat D)Tomato

33. Isolation distance for hybrid chilli production is

A)200m B)1000m C)400m D)1500m

34. Identify the statement not related to biochemical changes associated with seed deterioration

A) Degradation of functional structure B) Inability ribosomes to associate
C) Enzyme degradation and inactivation C) Formation and activation of hydrolytic

35.In hybrid rice seed production, usually the R : A line ratio is

A) 8 : 2 B)10 : 2 C)2 : 8 D)12 : 2

36.Egg floatation technique used for upgrading the seed quality of __________ seed.

A)Paddy B)Bajra C)Wheat D)Maize

37. Match the following

a) Breeder seed -White colour tag

b) Foundation seed -Blue colour tag

c) Certified seed -No tag

d) Nucleus seed -Golden yellow colour tag

A)a-4, b-1, c-3, d-2 B)a-4,b-1, c-2, d-3

C)a-3, b-1, c-2,d-4 D)a-3, b-4,c-1,d-2

38.Match the following

a) Hydrolytic enzyme -seed germination

b) Lipid peroxidation -Panicle emergence

c)GA3 -Dormancy

d) Phenolic substances - seed senescence

A)a-1, b-4, c-2, d-3 B)a-4,b-2, c-1,d-3
C)a-4, b-3,c-1,d-2 D)a-4,b-1,c-2,d-3

39.Match the following

a)Oil palm -Leaching

b) Coriander -Cold stratification

c) Eucalyptus - Warm stratification

d)Teak -Scorching

A)a-3, b-1,c-2, d-4 B)a-2, b-1, c-3, d-4
C)a-1,b-2, c-3, d-4 D)a-2, b-1, c-4, d-3

40.Match the following
a)A line -Maintainer line

b)B line -Female parent

c )R line -Male parent

A)a-2,b-1,c-3 B)a-1, b-2,c-3
C)a-3,b-1,c-2 D)a-1,b-3,c-2

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