University of Madras Computer Madras University, B.C.A. , Programming in JAVA, Fourth Semester, Dec 2018. University model question papers

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2018 University of Madras Computer Madras University, B.C.A. , Programming in JAVA, Fourth Semester, Dec 2018. University Question paper

Course: B.C.A.   University/board: University of Madras

Are you looking for the old question papers from Madras University of Programming in JAVA paper? Here is the previous year question paper from Madras University. This is the original question paper of Programming in JAVA , Fourth Semester exam conducted in December 2018. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

Dec 2018 U/ID 46431/UCCG

Time : Three Hours Maximum : 100 marks

PART A - (10×3=30 marks)

Answer any Ten questions.

1. Define Arrays. Mention the various types of arrays in Java.

2. List the various data types in JAVA.

3. What is Abstract class? Mention it's characteristics.

4. Give a short note on code documentation.

5. Define multi threading.

6. What is interface ? Mention it's purposes.

7. Write a brief note on grid layout.

8. What is protocol?Give any 2 examples.

9. State the purposes of modems.

10. Define Packet Switching.

11. Write a short note on ATM topology.

12. Briefly write about X.25 layers.

PART B - (5×6=30 marks)

Answer any Five questions.

13. Illustrate the various types of operators in Java.

14. Compare static and instance methods with suitable examples in Java.

15. Write short notes on Java utilities.

16. Write Java program to demonstrate the use of button controls.

17. Explain in detail about FDDI.

18. Describe about circuit switching.

19. Write a note on transport and application layers of TCP.

PART C - (4×10=40 marks)

Answer any Four questions.

20. Explain in detail about object oriented programming concepts.

21. Illustrate in detail about inner classes and string class with examples.

22. Write note on I/O streams and file streams.

23. Elucidate the various layers of OSI model with its functionalities.

24. Explain in detail about the various types of guided media and it's performance.

25. Discuss in detail about ISDN layers and access to ISDN.

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