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2020 B.Sc. Hotel Management & Catering Science Bharathidasan University, B.Sc. Degree Examination, Food Production 1, First semester,Nov 2020. Question paper

Course: B.Sc. Hotel Management & Catering Science   University/board: Bharathidasan University

Are you looking for the old question papers from Bharathidasan University of Food Production 1 paper? Here is the previous year question paper from Bharathidasan University. This is the original question paper of Food Production 1, First semester exam conducted in Nov 2020. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams. 15557 D RCCSHM 1

(For candidates admitted from 2008-2015 batch)

B.Sc Degree Examination, Nov 2020

Part III - Hotel Management and Catering science - Major

Food Production 1

Time : Three Hours Maximum : 75 marks

PART A - (10×2=20)

Answer all questions

1. What is bouquet garni?

2. Define the term "cookery".

3. Give any Four examples for dals used in cookery.

4. What is milk maid?

5. What is Braising?

6. Give any Four examples for invalid foods.

7. What is Ham?

8. What do you mean by marveling of fat with reference to beef?

9. What is standard recipe?

10. Give any Four examples for portion control equipments.

PART B - (5×5=25)

Answer all questions, choosing either (a) or (b)

11.a) What do you mean by the following terms?
i) Aspic ii) Batter iii) Brioche iv)chinois v) Pulao


b) Write notes on characteristics and uses of any 3 sweetening agents.

12.a) Write notes on uses of cereals in cookery.


b) Mention their uses in cookery and bakery.

13.a) What do you mean by Rechauffe?Mention it's application in the use of left overs.


b) What is roasting?Classify roasting and mention their characteristics with example.

14.a) Write notes on cuts of chicken.


b) Mention the selection factors for game birds.

15.a) Define the term ' Menu'. Write notes on types of menu.


b) Write notes on balancing of recipes.

PART C - (3×10=30)

Answer any three questions

16. Give a detailed account on any Five methods of preparation of ingredients.

17. What is cheese? Explain about the manufacture of cheese and it's processing.

18. Give an account on correct textures of food.

19. Draw a neat carcass of lamb and label various joints.Explain the uses of joints.

20. Compile a five course french classical menu for dinner following the rules of menu planning. State the details of garnishes and accompaniments wherever applicable.

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