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2020 Commerce Bharathidasan University, Degree Examination, Business Economics, Second semester, Nov 2020. Question paper

Course: B.Com   University/board: Bharathidasan University

Are you looking for the old question papers from Bharathidasan University of Business Economics paper? Here is the previous year question paper from Bharathidasan University. This is the original question paper of Business Economics Second semester exam conducted in Nov 2020. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams. 13872 TD RACCM2 B

(For candidates admitted from 2008-2015) Degree Examination, Nov 2020.

Part III - Allied

Business Economics

Time : Three Hours Maximum : 75 marks

SECTION A - (10×2=20)

Answer all questions

1.Define - business economics

2. What do you mean by micro economics?

3. State the meaning of demand schedule.

4. What is marginal rate of substitution?

5. Define Isoquant curve.

6. What do you mean by internal economics

7. Define supply.

8. What is meant by short run cost curve?

9. Write the meaning of industry.

10. What is price discrimination?

SECTION B - ( 5×5=25)

Answer all questions choosing either (a) or (b)

11.a) State the nature of business economics.


b) "Micro economics and macro economics are not same in nature".Explain it.

12.a) Briefly explain the types of elasticity of demand.


b) What are the needs of indifference curve analysis?

13.a) State the causes for diminishing returns.


b) Explain the assumptions of production function.

14.a) What determines the elasticity of supply.


b) Explain the break even analysis.

15.a) What are the assumptions of equilibrium of firms?


b) How do fix the price for public utilities services?

SECTION C - (3×10=30)

Answer any Three questions

16. Explain the various concepts applied in business economics.

17. What are the factors determining the law of demand?Explain in detail.

18. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of large scale production.

19. Explain the classification of cost and what are the relationship between marginal and average cost?

20. How do you fix the pricing under monopolistic competition.

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