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2019 Indira Gandhi National Open University B.Sc. Chemistry TEE June 2019 CHE-04: Physical Chemistry question paper Question paper

Course: B.Sc. Chemistry   University/board: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Are you currently in the BSc course of Indra Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)? Here is the question paper of TEE 2019 Che-04 question paper. You can take a step forward in your preparation with the help of these question and this is a free pdf so feel free to download it.

Attempt any five question:

Q1. What is the SI unit of molar mass? [Marks - 1]

Q2. What is the isochoric process? [Marks - 1]

Q3. Define molarity? [Marks - 1]

Q4. State Le Chatelier's principle? [Marks - 1]

Q5. Write the cell reaction occurring in a Weston cell? [Marks - 1]

Q6. State Grotthus-Draper law? [Marks - 1]

Q7. Draw Brownian motion of a colloidal particle? [Marks - 1]

Attempt any five question:

Q8. Calculate the average speed of nitrogen molecules at 300K? [Marks - 2]

Q9. Differentiate between integral enthalpy of solution and differential enthalpy of solution? [Marks - 2]

Q10. Write the expression for distribution coefficient of a solute X which remains undissociated in phase 1 and has concentration C1 in it. Nut it dissociates into A and B in phase 2. Its total concentration in phase 2 is C2 while a is the degree of dissociation. [Marks - 2]

Q11. The solubility of silver chloride is 1.37×10-5 M at 298K. Calculate its solubility product. [Marks - 2]

Q12. Calculate the limiting molar conductivity of acetic acid, if the limiting molar conductivities of sodium acetate, hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride are 0.009101 Sm2mol-1, 0.04261 Sm2mol-1 and 0.01264 Sm2mol-1 respectively? [Marks - 2]

Q13. Differentiate between inhibition and poisoning of a catalyst? [Marks - 2]

Q14. Define surface tension. What are its SI units? [Marks - 2]

Attempt any five question:

Q15. Explain Linde's method of liquefication of gases with the help of diagram? [Marks - 3]

Q16. Write the three statements of the second Law of thermodynamics. [Marks - 3]

Q17. An aqueous solution containing 2.50×104 kg of a solute dissolved in 2.00×10-2 kg of water freezes at 272.72 K. Calculate its molar mass. [Marks - 3]
(i) Molal depression constant (Kf) for water is 1.85 K kg mol-1, and.
(ii) Molar enthalpy of fusion of ice at its melting point (273.15 K) is 6021 J mol-1

Q18. Draw a labelled diagram of Daniell cell with salt bridge. Explain the role of salt bridge in it? [Marks - 3]

Q19. Define Gold number and explain protection of colloids? [Marks - 3]

Q20. What is mean free path? Calculate the mean free path of nitrogen molecule at 298.2K and 1.013× 105 Pa if the collision diameter is 3.740×10-10m? [Marks - 3]

Q21. Derive integrated rate law for a second order reaction given below: [Marks - 4]
A – Products

Attempt any five questions:

Q22. Calculate the ratio of the volume occupied to the volume of the unit cell for a simple cubic cell assuming that the atoms are spherical and they touch along the cell-edge. [Marks - 4]

Q23. Derive the integrated from of Clausius-Clapeyron equation for the following equilibrium: [Marks - 4]
Water (liquid) ? water (vapour)

Q24. 0.100 mol of acetone and 0.100 mol of chloroform are mixed at 308 K. The total vapour pressure of solution at this temperature is 3.47×107 Pa. The vapour pressure of pure acetone and pure chloroform at 308 K are 4.60× 104 Pa and 3.92× 104 Pa, respectively. Verify whether this solution is ideal or not. [Marks - 4]

Q25. Draw and explain the phase diagram of sulphur. [Marks - 4]

Q26. (a) Calculate the value of equilibrium constant, Kp for the following reaction at 100 K: [Marks - 4]
2SO2 (g) + O2 (g) ? 2SO3 (g)
Given that
P SO2 = 3.42×104 Pa
PO2 = 3.13×104 Pa
P SO3 = 3.58×104 Pa
(b) Write the expression for the relation of Kp with (i) Kc and (ii) ?r G0

Q27. Explain the following terms: [Marks - 4]
(a) A homogenous system
(b) An isolated system
(c) An extensive variable
(d) An intensive variable

Q28. What is fluorescence? Give any two of its applications. [Marks - 4]

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