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2019 Indira Gandhi National Open University Chemical B.Sc Chemistry (Hons) IGNOU TEE 2019 December Che - 04 - physical chemistry question paper Question paper

Course: B.Sc Chemistry (Hons)   University/board: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Are you currently in the BSc course of Ignou and looking for previous year question papers? Here is the end of your search and here is the 2019 December TEE question paper. Fell free to download it as it is totally free.

Attempt any five questions. [1 MARKS EACH]
Q1. What is the SI unit of density?
Q2. State Bragg's law.
Q3. Define enthalpy of neutralisation of an acid.
Q4. Define solubility of a solute.
Q5. What are chemical cells?
Q6. Define Lewis acids and Lewis bases.
Q7. What is the full form of ESCA?

Attempt any five questions. [2 MARKS EACH]
Q8. Define the following for a liquid:
(a) Vapour pressure
(b) Boiling point
Q9. Starting from H = U + pV, derive the relation between Cp and Cv, for an ideal gas.
Q10. A Carnot engine works between 3.00 x 10 2K and 4.00 x 102K. Calculate its efficiency.
Q11. State Kohlrausch's law of independent migration of ions. What do various terms appearing in its mathematical form represent?
Q12. Write the overall reaction in the electrolysis of aqueous sodium chloride solution. Also name the gases evolved at the anode and cathode.
Q13. The second order rate constant for the following reaction at 700 K is 1.83 x 10-3m-ls-1
2HI(g) ? H2 (g) + 12 (g)
Calculate the time taken for 1.00 x 10 -2M HI to reduce to one-half.
Q14. Briefly give two methods of coagulation of lyophilic sols.
Attempt any five questions.
Q15. Write the expressions for the following for gas molecules:
(a) The most probable speed, U mp
(b) The average speed, U
(c) The root means square speed, u rms
Q16. Nickel metal packs in a cubic unit cell with a cell edge length of 3.524 x 10 -10m. The density of nickel is 8.90.x 103kg m-3. Find the unit cell type of nickel if its atomic m
Q17. Calculate ?rH° for the following reaction at 298-15 K:
C3H6(g) +9/2 O2(g) ? 3CO2(g) + 3H20 (l)
Given that ?fH° values of propene, carbon dioxide and water at 298-15 K are 20.42, - 393.5 and - 285.8 kJ mo1-1, respectively.
Q18. Draw vapour pressure curves for the following:
(a) An ideal solution
(b) A solution showing positive deviation from Raoult's law
(c) A solution showing negative deviation from Raoult's law

Attempt any five of the following. [4 MARKS EACH]
Q19. Using the following equilibria
CH3000-+ H2O, = CH3COOH + 011 - and
CH3COOH = H++ CH3000-, show that Kh = Ka
Q20. Calculate the number average molar mass of a polymer sample with the following distribution of molar masses:
N 1 Mi kg mo1-1 5 1.000, 10 2.000, 10 50.000, 10 10.000, 5 20.000
Q21. Derive the expression for Langmuir adsorption isotherm.
Q22. Derive the equation of the corresponding states using the reduced quantities.
Q23. Derive the following Maxwell relation:
You can start from dG = Vdp - SdT.
Q24. Briefly explain the process of steam distillation using a suitable diagram
Q25. 4.60 x 10-3kg of sodium chloride was dissolved in 0130 kg of water at 280 K. The osmotic pressure of the solution was found to be 2.66 x 10 6Pa. Calculate the van't Hoff factor and the degree of dissociation. The density of solution is 1.02 x 103kg m-3and molar mass of NaC1 is 585 x 103 kg mol-1.
Q26. Write the expression for the phase rule. Define each term appearing in this expression.
Q27. State Le Chatelier's principle. How would the equilibrium be affected for the following reactions by the change mentioned against them?
(i) H2 + I2 = 2HI
When some H2 is added to equilibrium mixture.
(ii) N2 + 3H2 = 2 HN3
When the pressure of the system is increased.
(iii) 2 NH3 = N2 + 3 H2
When the temperature of the system is increased.
Q28. Briefly explain the following, giving one example for each:
(a) Photosensitisation
(b) Chemi-luminescence

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