Indira Gandhi National Open University General 2020 Ignou TEE Lse-01 (cell biology) question paper model question papers

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2020 Indira Gandhi National Open University General B.Sc Life science 2020 Ignou TEE Lse-01 (cell biology) question paper Question paper

Course: B.Sc Life science   University/board: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Are you pursuing BSc from Ignou currently and preparing for tee exam? Then here is the question paper of 2020 tee in June session. Hope this will help you in taking a step forward in your path.

Q1. (a) Choose the correct alternative word from those given in the parentheses: [1 each]
(i) The genetic constitution of daughter cell differs from that of parent cells after (mitotic/meiotic) division.
(ii) The branched structure of glycogen is formed by (a 1-2/ a 1-6) glyosidic bonds.
(iii) Blood is a type of (connective/ epithelial) tissues found in animals.
(iv) The ability of a microscope to show fine details of objects placed very closely is called (resolving power/ magnification power).
(v) Lichen is a (prokaryote/eukaryote).
(b) Match the terms given under Column I with those given under Column II:
Q2. Write a brief account on any two of the following: [5 each]
(i) Formation of proton gradient in mitochondria.
(ii) Prophase of first meiotic division
(iii)Endoplasmic reticulum
Q3. Describe various steps in protein biosynthesis in prokaryotes. [10 marks]
Q4. Differentiate between any two of the following pairs: [5 each]
(i). Ion exchange and Affinity chromatography
(ii) m-RNA and t-RNA
(iii) Microtubules and Microfilaments
Q5. Draw neat and labelled diagrams of any two of the following: [5 each]
(i)Ultrastructure of a mitochondrion
(ii) Organisation of phospholipids and proteins in a cell membrane
(iii) Various types of connective tissues in animals.
Q6. Explain Krebs's cycle (Tricarboxylic acid cycle) with the help of a schematic diagram.


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