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2020 Indira Gandhi National Open University General B.Sc Life science Ignou Tee 2020 June session question paper of Lse-03 (Genetics) Question paper

Course: B.Sc Life science   University/board: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Looking for the previous year question paper of Lse-03 (Genetics)? Here is the end of your search. This is the June session of 2020 question paper. Hope this will help you in boosting your preparation level.

1. Identify the correct options for any five from the parentheses: [5 marks]
(i) Ten percent crossing over is equal to (one/ten) map unit/s.
(ii) Flower colour in sweet pea is due to duplicate (recessive/dominant) epistasis.
(iii) Human karyotype consists of (seven/eight) autosomal groups.
(iv) The short arm of human chromosome with arms of unequal length is denoted by the letter (p/q).
(v) Xeroderma pigmentosa is caused by recessive (mutation/alleles).
(vi) (Macrophages/B lymphocytes) are the first line of defence in an immune reaction.
(vii) Monozygotic twins are genetically (identical/different). (viii)Geotaxis in Drosophila refers to its response towards (gravity/light).
Q2. Match any five items of Columns A and B
Q3. Draw clear and labelled diagrams of any two of the following: [5 each]
(i). Hershey and Chase's experiment
(ii). The Lysogenizing processes
(iii) Crossing over between two chromatids of homologous chromosomes
(iv) The XX-XO system of sex determination in grasshopper
Q4. Write short answers to any four of the following: [5 each]
(i). The gene pairs Aa, Bb and Cc each affects a different character. The genes A, B, C denote dominant alleles and a, b, c represents recessive alleles. These three gene pairs assort independently. Calculate the probability of obtaining the abc phenotype from a cross of AaBbCc x aaBbcc.
(ii) What do Q, G, C, R and NOR stand for in the names of chromosome banding methods?
(iii) Differentiate between Z-DNA and B-DNA.
(iv) Describe in brief two processes for repair of damaged DNA.
(v) With the help of suitable examples, discuss the Hardy Weinberg's law.
(vi) Describe the structure of IgG molecule with the help of a clear and labelled diagram.
Q5. Write detailed answer for any one of the following: [10 marks]
(i) With the help of clear and labelled diagrams, discuss the regulation of lac operon.
(ii) Describe in detail the gene transfer processes in bacteria.
(iii) Explain the technique of creating recombinant DNA.


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