Indira Gandhi National Open University General 2020 Ignou Tee June session Lse-07 (taxonomy and evolution) question paper. model question papers

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2020 Indira Gandhi National Open University General B.Sc Life science 2020 Ignou Tee June session Lse-07 (taxonomy and evolution) question paper. Question paper

Course: B.Sc Life science   University/board: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Looking for the previous year question of Ignou? Here is the question paper of 2020 June session of Lse-07 (taxonomy and evolution). Feel free to download it and boost up your preparation.

1. Attempt all parts:
a) Match the items given under Column A with those given under Column B: [1 x4=4]
(b) Define the following terms. [1 x3=3]
i) Biogenetic Law
ii) Herbarium
iii) DNA Hybridisation
(c) Fill in the blanks in the following statements by choosing the correct alternative from the words given within brackets: [1 x3=3]
i) Scientific names are given in ________ language. (Latin / Greek)
ii) Absolute dating has become possible by use of _________. (Radioactive dating /geological time scale)
iii) __________ are information carrying molecules in plants. (semantides / molecules)
Q2. (a) What are keys? List the two types of keys. [3+2=5]
(b) Describe the basic principles of Binomial nomenclature.
Q3. (a) What do you understand by kin selection? [3+2=5]
(b) Discuss the challenges to Darwinism. [5 marks]
Q4. (a) With help of an example explain how highly restricted breeding seasons of populations contribute to isolation process.
(b) Discuss the role of taxonomic characters in classification of plants.
Q5. Discuss the evolution of Homo Sapiens. [10]
Q6. Write short notes on any two of the following: [2x5=10]
(a) Vestigial Organs
(b) Type Specimen
(c) Importance of Botanical Gardens
(d) Hybrid Sterility

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