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2020 Indira Gandhi National Open University General B.Sc Life science Ignou Tee 2020 Lse-10 (Animal Diversity - 2) question paper Question paper

Course: B.Sc Life science   University/board: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Are you currently in the BSc course of IGNOU? Here is the previous year question paper of Lse-10 (Animal Diversity - 2) that will help you in boosting up your preparation. These are official paper so feel free to download it.

Q1. a) Fill in the blanks with the alternative given in the parenthesis: [7 marks]
(i)The (viscoral / aortic) arches in most fishes deliver the deoxygenated blood to the respiratory surfaces of the gills.
(ii) At the branchial bifurcation, there is (syrinx/ larynx) a special voice box found only in birds.
(iii) Most amphibians spend their larval life (in water / on land).
(iv) The caecum is absent in few (carnivores/ herbivores) mammals.
(v) Homocercal tails occur in (bony / cartilaginous) fishes.
(vi) (Amphibians/Reptiles) are the first completely terrestrial vertebrates adapted to fresh water estuarine and even marine habitats.
(vii) (Urophysis/hypophysis) refers to masses of secretion produced by neurosecretory cells at the hind end of spinal cord of fishes.
b) Read the following and match column A with column B.
(c) Define in one or two sentence (s) each of the following: [6 marks]
(i) Batesian mimicry
(ii) Scansorial locomotion
(iii) Circannual Rhythms
(iv) Acoclous vertebra.
(v) Pronephros
(vi) Lymphatic system
Q2. Attempt any 5 questions: {5 marks each}
(a) Discuss the characteristic features of lampreys.
(b) Draw a labelled cutaway view of human heart showing bicuspid and tricuspid valves. No description is required.
(c) Explain the process of avian respiration only by means of diagram.
(d) Explain with example the meaning of latent and insight learning.
(e) Describe the functions of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
(f) Explain ecolocation in bats.
Q3. Attempt any three questions: [10 marks]
(a) Describe the specialized derivatives of vertebrate integument with their functions.
(b) Discuss the phylogeny and succession of kidneys in vertebrates.
(c) What is bioluminescence? Explain its mechanism and its significance for chordates.
(d) Discuss the distinguishing features of reptiles by comparing with amphibians.


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