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2020 Indira Gandhi National Open University General B.Sc Life science Ignou 2020 Tee June session Lse-13 (plant diversity - 2) question paper Question paper

Course: B.Sc Life science   University/board: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Preparing for the tee of Ignou under the BSc course? Here is the previous year question paper of Lse - 13 (plant diversity 2) of June 2020 session. Hope this will help you in boost up your preparation and help to score good marks.

Q1. (a) Give botanical/scientific name of the plant: [1 each]
(i)belonging to family Iridaceae which produces an aromatic spice (stigma of flower).
(ii) which is a gymnosperm possessing circinate vernation.
(iii) that yields cardiac glycosides.
(iv) in which sweet edible aril is found.
(v) which belongs to Solanaceae family and is a source of starch.
(b) Fill in the blanks: [1 each]
(i) The outermost special dense cytoplasmic layer of endosperm in cereal grains is known as __________
(ii) The stem of Cycas containing mostly parenchyma tissue is referred to as _____________ stem.
(iii) The fruit in which floral organs other than carpels are present is known as ___________ fruit
(iv) Vetiver oil is extracted from _______ part of Khus plant.
(v) Capitulum inflorescence is a characteristic feature of ____________ family.
(c) Define the following: [1 each]
(i) Tendril
(ii) Meristematic zone
(iii) Spice
(iv) Gynobasic style
(v) Epigynous flower
Q2. Write notes on any three of the following: [4 each]
(a) Economic importance of Soybean or Clove
(b) Sclerenchyma
(c) Megasporophyll of Cycas
(d) Economic importance of Gymnosperms
Q3. Differentiate between any three of the following: [4 each]
(a) Floral characteristics of family Brassicaceae and Asteraceae
(b) Jute fibre and cotton fibre
(c) Monocot leaf and dicot leaf
(d) Root apex and shoot apex
Q4. Draw well-labelled outline diagram of any three of the following: [4 each]
(a) T. S. of normal root of Cycas
(b) T. S. of dicot root
(c) T. S. of mature banana fruit
(d) T. S. of mericarp of fennel
Q5. (a) Discuss briefly the processing techniques used in preparation of coffee powder.
(b) List the diagnostic features of family Lamiaceae and family Poaceae.
Q6. (a) Describe various types of simple tissues with the help of a diagram.
(b) Describe the various seed appendages found in the Angiosperm with the help of suitable diagram.
Q7. (a) Discuss the various types of leaf modifications found in carnivorous plants. [6 marks]
(b) Describe the various techniques used in curing of tobacco leaves.
Q8. (a) Discuss various adaptations in angiosperms that have made them dominant plant species on earth. [8 marks]
(b) Describe male gametophyte of Pinus with diagram.

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