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2020 Indira Gandhi National Open University B.Sc. Biology 2020 Ignou Tee June session ANC - 01 (Nutrition for the community) question paper. Question paper

Course: B.Sc. Biology   University/board: Indira Gandhi National Open University

Are you in the BSc course of Indira Gandhi national open university and looking for the previous year question paper? Here is the 2020 June session ANC 01 (nutrition for the community). Feel free to download it.

Q1. (i) Name the building blocks of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. [3 marks]
(ii) List the different dimensions of health. [2 marks]
(iii) Which Vitamin is referred to as "Fresh Food Vitamin"? List its functions in the body. [3 marks]
(iv) List the two certificate of quality you will look for in food products to ensure good quality. [1 mark]
(v) Name two chemicals used as preservative in food preservation. [2 marks]
(vi) List two clinical features (each) of the following: [3 marks]
(a) Riboflavin deficiency
(b) Lathyrism
(c) Fluorosis
(vii) What is ORS? How will you prepare it at home? Give the method. [2 marks]
(viii)List the types of resources needed in a food service establishment. [2 marks]
(ix) Define BMI. What should be the normal range of BMI for Asian population? [2 marks]
Q2. What factors would you keep in mind with regards to the following? Explain briefly: [10 + 10]
(a) Economy in food budgeting
(b) Meal planning
3. (a) Why do we need iron, calcium and iodine in our body? Explain briefly.
b) Briefly explain the influence of processing food on nutritive value. [5 marks]
(c) How will you classify foods based on functions? Explain briefly.
4. (a) Briefly explain how activity level and age influence the nutrient needs for adults? Give the RDA of adults based on activity level and age. [10 marks]
(b) What are the physiological changes seen during pregnancy? How do they influence nutrient requirement? Explain, giving the RDA for pregnancy. [10 marks]
5. (a) List the food products derived from milk. What points would you keep in mind while selecting milk and milk products? [2+5[]
(b) What measures would you advocate to a housewife to enhance the nutritive value of food/diet she serves to her family? Elaborate, giving examples. [7 marks]
(c) What measures would you adopt to feed a severely malnourished child? Explain briefly. [6 marks]
Q6. (a) Give the objectives, beneficiaries and • components of the following programmes functional in our country? [6+6]
(i)Mid-Day Meal (MDM) Programme.
(ii) National Iodine Deficiency Disorder Control Programme
(b) What do you understand by dietary assessment? What is the purpose of dietary survey? Explain any one method you will use to carry out the dietary survey of population groups. [2+2+4]
7. Explain briefly, giving examples:
(a) Points to be kept in mind while purchasing equipment for a food service unit. [5 marks]
(b) Different methods of purchase used in a food service unit. [5 marks]
(c) Concept and use of cycle menu in a food service unit. [5 marks]
(d) Maintaining records in a food service unit 5 8. Write short notes on any four of the following: [5 marks each]
(a) Complementary foods for children of 6 months to one year of age.
(b) Role of non-available carbohydrates in our diet
(c) Digestion of food in our body
(d) Risk factors of obesity (e) Steps involved in planning balanced diets

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