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2020 B.Sc. Physics Bharathidasan University, Degree Examination,Physics I, Nov 2020. Question paper

Course: B.Sc. Physics   University/board: Bharathidasan University

Are you looking for the old question papers from Bharathidasan University of Physics I paper? Here is the previous year question paper from Bharathidasan University. This is the original question paper of Physics I exam conducted in Nov 2020. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams. 15911 TD
(For candidates admitted from 2005-2015 batch) Degree Examination, Nov 2020

Part III - Allied

Physics I

Time : Three Hours Maximum : 75 marks

Part A - (10×2=20 marks)

Answer all questions

1. What is meant by Centre of Gravity?

2. State the laws of floating bodies.

3. What are Lissajou's figures?

4. Define reverberation time.

5. Define coefficient of diffusion.

6. State the difference between diffusion and osmosis.

7. Define Specific heat capacity of a liquid.

8. State stefan's law of radiation.

9. Write a note on Electromagnetic spectrum.

10. What is an optical fibre?

Part B - (5×5=25 marks)

Answer all questions choosing either (a) or (b)

11.a) Derive an expression for the centre of gravity of a hollow hemisphere.


b) Obtain an expression for the centre of gravity of a solid cone.

12.a) Explain the composition of 2 simple harmonic motion along a straight line.


b) Explain the conditions for good acoustics.

13.a) State i) Fick's law ii) Laws of osmotic pressure


b) List the applications of osmosis.

14.a) i) Define Co-efficient of thermal conductivity
ii) Write a note on good and bad conductors of heat.


b) Describe the function of Bomb calorimeter.

15.a) Discuss the experimental arrangement of Raman effect.


b) Explain the function of multimode fibre optic sensors.

Part C - (3×10=30 marks)

Answer any Three questions

16. Define metacentre. How does the metacentric height of a ship determined?

17. Obtain Sabine's formula for reverberation.

18. Explain the experimental determination of osmotic pressure by Berkeley and Hartley method.

19. Discuss the experimental determination of specific heat capacity of a liquid by Newton's law of cooling.

20. Describe the fibre optic communication system with a neat sketch.

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