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2018 West Bengal State Council of Technical Education Diploma Civil Engineering WBSCTE Communicative English 2018 Question paper University Question paper

Course: Diploma Civil Engineering   University/board: West Bengal State Council of Technical Education

Communicative English December 2018 WBSCTE Question paper. This is a question paper for the 1st-semester exam of the WBSCTE E&T Course.

December 2018 101(S)
Time Allowed: 3 Hours Full Marks: 70
Answer all the questions.

1. Read the following and answer the questions given below:

An Associated Press report exposed a sneaky Google practice where the search giant continues to collect a user's location data even if the user has turned off the "Location History" setting on their mobile device. The data privacy issue affects both iOS and Android platforms, the two biggest smart-phone operating systems in the world, with the latter having around two billion users.
The issue roots from Google's "Location History" setting, which can be turned on and off depending on the user's preference. Now, even with the setting turned off, Google is able to collect location data via other Google apps & services such as Google Maps, Search & weather updates. Open Google Maps or perform a search & Google takes a snapshot of your location including the time. Google still tracks the user who at this point, believes they have already turned off location tracking.
There is, however, a way to turn off the location snapshots taken by the other Google apps. It's done through the "Web and App Activity" setting, which is enabled by default, & allows or disallows Google apps and websites from collecting & storing certain user information including location. Information generated by your activity can be accessed at Google like Facebook does profit from personal data. Their business is advertising-driven & the more data they can collect and offer to advertisers & the more specific their data is, the more money they potentially make. These practices are now facing stiff challenges after the Facebook debacle earlier in the year.
Just a few months after the Facebook scandal, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect – landmark legislation that not only tightened companies' use, collection & commercial harnessing of personal data, but also boosted global awareness of data privacy matters. The issue concerning Google's location tracking settings is the latest in a continuing series of data privacy matters.

A. Fill in the blank spaces: [Marks: 6×1]

i) The data privacy issue affects _______ iOs and android platforms.
ii) There are ________ users in Android.
iii) Google still ____ the user____ at this point believes they have already turned ______ location tracking.
iv) Google's business ________ driven.

B. State the following statements are 'True' or 'False': [Marks: 3×1]

i) The privacy issue is found in Android users only.
ii) When the "Location History" setting is turned off Google can't track location data.
iii) Facebook does profit from personal data.

C. Answer the following questions:

i) Who are affected by the data privacy issues? [Marks: 2]
ii) How the Google can track the user's location explain in few sentences. [Marks: 4]
iii) Explain GDPR. [Marks: 2]
iv) Write a suitable title to the passage and identify its central idea. [Marks: 2]
v) Make a sentence with "Debacle". [Marks: 1]

2. First rearrange the following sentences to make a coherent paragraph and identify the topic sentence. [Marks: 5]

a) He is good at studies.
b) Therefore he rises early in the morning and goes to a gym for physical exercise.
c) No wonder he is the best in his school.
d) Alok believes that "a good mind lies in a healthy body".
e) He is also the captain of the school cricket team.
f) After returning from the gym, he has a light breakfast and goes straight to school.
g) He has seldom missed school.

3. Expand the following abbreviations: [Marks: 3]

a) P.T.O
b) GMT
c) i.e

4. Follow the instruction as provided: [Marks: 2]

a) Colour makes food attractive. Colour creates interest. (Make a single sentence with a suitable
b) Chemical additives, that have a cosmetic effect, are widely used in the food industry. (Find out the

5. Develop a paragraph describing how tea is processed, by the following outlines. [Marks: 10]

Tender leaves collected from garden – taken to factory - cleaned and sorted - cut into pieces – kept in a dark and hot room for scent and colour - again sorted with sieve – packed – sent to market.

6. Develop a paragraph from the following note with a title. [Marks: 10]

Chemical additives - cosmetic effect – wide use in food industry - attractive colours - otherwise, dull - flavour also important – appetising aroma – no flavour - no interest - no market. Bad effects: Great concern - little or no nutritional value – some are harmful.

7. Students union of your Polytechnic college is going to organize a Blood Donation Camp in December, 2018. Suppose you are the Secretary of the Union. Prepare a report on this matter to be submitted to your Principal with a Covering Letter. [Marks: 20]


You are an Assistant Engineer in a factory. There has been a fire in the factory and two of the workers have been badly burnt and hospitalised. You are asked to send a report on the fire. Design the report with all details and accompany it with a Covering Letter. [Marks: 20]


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