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2021 Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering Hss-s401 Question paper

Course: B.Tech. Computer Science and Engineering   University/board: Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University

Are you searching for UIET,KANPUR Previous year papers ,you are at right place .Previous year question papers are essential for good study and preparation of exams by a student .A student can practice a maximum number of related questions from the syllabus with the help of PYQs . I'm going to share the question paper for Economics End semester paper of 2021.

End – Semester Examination, UIET, CSJMU
HSS-S401 (Engineering Economics/ Industrial Economics)
Branch: CSE & ECE (2K19) Marks: 50
Answer all the questions.
Q1.) Explain the three problems that a society faces. (2)
Q2.) Differentiate between cross elasticity of demand and income elasticity of demand. (2)
Q3.) What factors can affect price elasticity of demand? (2)
Q4.) What do you mean by „diamond water paradox?? (3)
Q5.) In the short run, the productivity of the variable factor input decreases. Why? (3)
Q6.) What are the properties of isoquants? (2)
Q7.) Why is a perfectly competitive firm a price taker? (2)
Q8.) Show graphically a firm?s equilibrium in perfect competition, where the firm is making: (a) supra-normal profit, (b) loss. (1.5 + 1.5)
Q9.) A monopolist charges a high price in the market. Show graphically. (2)
Q10.) A monopolist can make supra-normal profit in the long run. Explain with the help of a suitable diagram. (2)
Q11.) How can we measure national income? (3)
Q12.) What factors can affect national income? (2)
Q13.) What is demand-pull inflation? (3)
Q14.) Differentiate between: (2 x 5)
a) Reverse Repo-rate and Repo-rate.
b) Real cost and money cost.
c) Creeping inflation and walking inflation.
d) Isocost and isoquant.
e) Direct tax and indirect tax.
Q15.) Two drivers – Tom and Jerry – each drive up to a petrol pump. Without worrying about price, each places an order. Tom says, "I?d like 10 litres of petrol." Jerry says, "I?d like petrol worth Rs. 1000." What is each driver?s price elasticity of demand? Explain, with the help of appropriate graphs. (4)
Q16.) State whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE (No reasoning is required): (1 x 5)
a. To control inflation, RBI uses fiscal measures.
b. Income tax is an indirect tax.
c. Isoquants are convex to the origin.
d. At the shut-down point for a perfectly competitive firm, price is equal to the average cost of the firm.
e. Returns to Scale is a concept in the long-run.

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