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2021 M.Sc. Electronics Bharathidasan University, M.Sc Degree Examination, Electronics II, Nov 2021. Question paper

Course: M.Sc. Electronics   University/board: Bharathidasan University

Are you looking for the old question paper of Electronics II paper? Here is the previous year question paper from Bharathidasan University. This is the original question paper of Electronics II exam conducted in Nov 2021. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

S.No. 11840


(For candidates admitted from 2005–2006 onwards)


Electronics – Elective


Time : Three hours

Maximum : 75 marks

PART A — (10 2 = 20)

Answer ALL questions.

Write the GPRs in microprocessor 8085.

Name some addressing modes used in microprocessor 8086.

Write a program to multiply two 8-bit numbers in 8085.

What do you understand machine language and assembly language.

What is interfacing? List the types of interfacing devices.

Elaborate PIC and PCI.

Write any two effective parameters of an antenna.

What is role of attenuators in microwave generation?

What are three colour theories?

10. Discuss the merits and demerits of colour Television.

PART B — (5×5 = 25)

Answer ALL questions choosing either (a) or (b).

11. (a) Discuss the instruction and data flow with system timing of microprocessor.


(b) Describe the function of an 8086 queue how does the queue speed up

12. (a) Write the assembly language of 8085 for square root of a number.


(b) What are minimum mode and maximum mode in a 8086 microprocessor?

13. (a) Describe the Intel 8251A with pin configuration.


(b) Describe the operation of the 8237 DMA controller.

14. (a) Explain the working principle of dipole arrayed antenna.


(b) Discuss about the microwave propagation though wave guides.

15. (a) Write about Luminescence and Hueanel saturation in colour TV.


(b) Draw the block diagram for PAL colour receiver.

PART C — (3 × 10 = 30)

Answer any THREE questions.

16. Draw the architecture and explain the memory organization of microprocessor

17. Write an assembly programme to find the largest and smallest of a set of data.

18. (a) Draw the pin diagram of 8255 and explain.
(b) Explain different modes in 8255.

19. Describe the principle, construction working of klystron for microwave generation.
How will measure the SWR?

20. Enumerate main features of the NTSC colour system. Explain with block diagram
the method of Encoding colour signals in this system.

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