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2021 M.Com Commerce Bharathidasan University, Degree Examination, Commerce, Services Marketing, Nov 2021. Question paper

Course: M.Com Commerce   University/board: Bharathidasan University

Are you looking for the old question papers from Bharathidasan University of Services Marketing paper? Here is the previous year question paper from Bharathidasan University. This is the original question paper of Services Marketing exam conducted in Nov 2021. Feel free to download the question paper from here and use it to prepare for your upcoming exams.

S.No. 2182 P 16 MC 12/ P 16 COE 3 A/

P 16 BME 1 B

(For candidates admitted from 2016–2017 onwards)


Commerce / Co-operative Management / Bank Management


Time : Three hours

Maximum : 75 marks

PART A — (10 ? 2 = 20)

Answer ALL questions.

State the emerging key service sectors in India.

What do you mean by heterogeneity of service?

Write a short note on service quality.

Enumerate the characteristics of buyer behavior.

Briefly explain the term diversification of service.

Pinpoints the elements of marketing mix for service.

Mention the unique characteristics of bank marketing.

State the different categories users in insurance services.

Mention the different types of tourism services.

10. What do you understand by education marketing?

PART B — (5 ? 5 = 25)

Answer ALL questions, choosing either (a) or (b).

11. (a) Describe the classification for services on the basis of the types of
relationship between the service organization and its customers.


(b) Explain the significance of service marketing in the Indian prospective.

12. (a) Briefly explain the dimension of service quality with suitable illustration.


(b) What are the personal factors that influence the buyer behavior?

13. (a) Discuss the different stages in the development of new service.


(b) Define service product. Explain the service level with suitable examples.

14. (a) Discuss the price mix for the insurance organization that helps in making it
a motivational tool.


(b) State the product mix of bank marketing and explain its salient features.

15. (a) ?The pricing decisions in the tourism industry are found critical as well as
challenging? — Comment.


(b) Explain the marketing mix elements of the communication service.

PART C — (3 ? 10 = 30)

Answer any THREE questions.

16. Compare and contrast products and services.

17. Discuss the buyer decision making process with suitable illustration.

18. Explain the product life cycle concept in the service industry.

19. How will you formulate the marketing mix strategy for transport service?

20. ?To improve the quality of medical services, an innovation in the product mix is a
crying need of the hour? in the light of the statement explain the planning and
development of product in health services.

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