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2007 Karnataka State Women's University B.C.A. Computer Application Question paper

Course: B.C.A. Computer Application   University/board: Karnataka State Women's University


1. Answer any TEN questions from the following.
a) Name two orthogonal views of the software? (10*1=10)
b) Define dynamic inheritance
c) _________ The implementation of a high level operation for a specific class of objects.
d) Define polymorphism.
e) Differentiate between validation and verification.
f) Define use-case model.
g) Expand OMT.
h) Name five Booch diagrams
i)What is data modeling?
j) What is the importance of UML?
k)What are some of the UML dynamic diagrams?
l) Why is analysis a difficult task?


Answer any TWO questions from each unit.

2. a) Describe the components of Unified Approach.
b) Explain system development methodology and object oriented system development
c) Explain base class and derived class. (3+5+2)

3. a) What are the advantages of object- oriented approach?
b) Discuss with suitable example the different types of relationship.
c) Explain consumer- producer relationship. (5+3+2)

4. a) Explain inheritance, multiple inheritance and multilevel inheritance with example.
b) How does the object oriented approach differ from the traditional top- down approach? (5+5)


5. a) Discuss the waterfall approach.
b) What is CBD? Why is it important?
c) Discuss the four phases of OMT. (3+3+4)

6. a) Discuss the different models of OMT
b) Write a note on prototype and its categories. (5+5)

7. a) Discuss the evaluation process of software development.
b) Explain Booch methodology in detail. (5+5)


8. a) Name and describe the relationships in a use case diagram.
b) What is an association role?
c) What is a model and why do we need to model a problem? (4+3+3)

9. a) What are some of the forms of associations? Draw their UML representations.
b) What is the purpose of an activity model?
c) Why is documentation an important part of analysis? (5+3+2)

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