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2006 Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth B.Tech Electrical Engineering B-tech University Question paper

Course: B.Tech Electrical Engineering   University/board: Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth

1. Question paper is divided into three groups
2. Each group is of 25 marks each
3. Figure to the right in bracket indicates mark
4. Assume suitable data if necessary
GROUP A: Answer any three questions. Question No. 1 is compulsory.
Q.1. Explain the ramp function and find its Laplace transformation. (05)
Q.2 Solve (D3 – 3D2 + 3D -1) y = t2 et given that y(0) = 1, y'(0) = 0,
y'' (0) = -2 (10)
Q.3 Write the necessary condition for transfer point function. (10)
Q.4 Explain (a) Node (b) Branch (c) Tree (d) Incidence matrix
(c) Cotree (10)
Q.5 Explain with proper diagrams what do you mean by shifted impulse function and shifted step function. (10)
GROUP B: Answer any three questions. Question No. 6 is compulsory.
Q.6 Solve the following differential equation x"( t ) + 3 x'( t ) + 2 x( t ) = 4et. Given that x( 0- ) = 1 and x'( 0- ) = -1. (05)
Q.7 Find out the inverse Laplace transform of F(S) = (10)
Q.8 Determine the driving point impedance Z( s ) for the network shown in figure. (10)
Q.9 Find the poles and zeros of the network function N(S) = (10)
S2 ( S + 2 )___
( S + 1 ) ( S2 + 4S + 5 )
Q.10 Obtain foster – I and foster – II form of the following impedance
function (10)
Z(S) = (S2 + 1 ) (S2 + 9 )
S ( S2 + 4 )
GROUP C: All Questions are Compulsory.
Q.11 Fill in the blanks (each question carries 2 marks)
(i) In a transistor, the input junction is_______biased and output junction is________biased.
(ii) The phase reversal occurs only in__________configuration.
(iii) The ‘Q' point is given by the___________of DC and AC load lines.
(iv) For a transistor, the typical value of ‘ hfe' in CE circuit is_______
(v) The SCR is_______made of germanium.
Q.12 Multiple choice question. (Each question carries 2 marks)
(i) The collector material of a transistor is
(a) moderately doped (b) lightly doped
(c) heavily doped (d) none of these are correct
(ii) The leakage current in a transistor is due to
(a) high doping level (b) low doping level
(c) two junctions (d) minority carriers
(iii) The three terminals of a UJT are
(a) Collector, Base, Emitter (b) Emitter, Base-1, Base-2
(c) Drain, Gate, Source (d) Collector, Gate, Emitter
(iv) The ripple factor of the bridge rectifier is
(a) 40.6 (b) 81.2
(c) 0.482 (d) None of them
(v) A buffer amplifier acts as
(a) an isolator in a multi-stage amplifier(b) a booster
(c) an attenuator (d) all the above are correct
Q.13 True or false (each question carries 1 mark).
(i) Mesh analysis is based on KVL.
(ii) The number of branches in a tree is more than the number of branches in a graph.
(iii) The signal x( t ) is said to be odd or nonsymmetric if x( -t ) = -x( t ).
(iv) Y parameters are reciprocal of Z parameters.
(v) Differentiation of Laplace transform of unit function is equal to impulse function.

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