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2006 Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth B.Tech Electrical Engineering B-tech electrical(THERMODYNAMICS) University Question paper

Course: B.Tech Electrical Engineering   University/board: Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth

Duration : 3 hrs Maximum Marks: 75
1. Question paper is divided into Group A, Group B, and Group B and Group C
2. Each Group is 25 marks
3. Figure to the right in bracket indicate marks.
4. Good Handwriting is expected.

Group A (25 Marks)
Answer any three questions (Question 1 is compulsory)

Q.1: Explain heat engine with diagram? (5)
Q.2: What is steam table ? What is its use? (10)
Q.3: What is reversible adiabatic process? (10)
Q.4 What is the difference between internal combustion and external combustion engines? (10)
Q.5. A boiler 3.7 kg of water per kg of coal from feed water at 54.5 0C. to steam at the pressure of 34 bar and temperature of 370oC. Assuming specific heat of superheated steam as 2.6, calculate equivalent evaporation/kg of coal. (10)

Group B (25 Marks)

Answer any three questions (Question 6 is compulsory)

Q.6: Explain Bucket calorimeter for measurement of dryness fraction of steam? (5)
Q.7: A fuel has following percentage composition by mass;co2 13.3%;o2 8.35% and N2 77.4% Convert this into volumetric analysis? (10)
Q.8: A carnet engine contains 0.1kg of water During the heat addition process, saturated liquid is converted into saturated vapor. Heat addition occurs at 12Mpa and heat rejection occurs at 30Kpa Determine .? (10)
1) Quality of steam at the end of adiabatic expansion and also at the end of isothermal heat rejection
2) Thermal efficiency of the cycle
3) Heat added per cycle
4) Net work output of the cycle
5) Work ratio
Q. 9. One kg of air occupies 0.084 m3 at 12.5 bar and 537oc. It is expanded at a
constant temperature to a final volume of 0.336m3.Calculate
1. Pressure at end of expansion
2.Workdone during expansion
3.Heat absorbed by air
4.Change of entropy.? (10)
Q. 10.A gas engine has a piston diameter of 150mm and stroke 250mm.The speed of engine explaosions are 90 per minute.The mean effective pressure is 7bar.If the average torque on the brake is 140 N-m. Find indicated power, brake power and mechanical efficiency.? (10)

Group C (25 Marks)

All questions are compulsory.

Q. 11. (A) Fill in the blanks (Each question carries 2 marks, Total = 10 marks)

(i) Specific mass of a substance is it mass/unit= _____
(ii) _______ Gives us indication regaring dryness of wet.steam
(iii)Willan,s line method is also known as _____________
(iv)Irreversible process always results in ______ entropy
(v)Isentropic efficiency of turbine is ________

Q. 11. (B) Multiple choice questions (Each question carries 2 marks, Total = 10 marks)
Select the correct answer.

(i) Motoring test measures
a. B.P b. I.P c.F.P d. C.V.

(ii) 1 bar
a. 1x105 N/cm2 c.10x105 N/cm2
b. c.100x105 N/cm2 d.1000x105 N/cm2

(iii)Carnot cycle consist of
a. Two constant volume and reversible adiabatic process
b. Two isothermal and two reversible adiabatic process
c. Two const .pressure and reversible adiabatic process
d. One const volume, one const. pressure and two reversible adiabatic process

(iv)In a throttling process________ remaines const
a. enthalpy b.Temperature c. Entropy d.None

(v) The process in which heat transfer is equal to the change of enthalpy is known as
a. Const.pressure process b. Const. volume process
c. Const. volume process d. Const. Entropy process

Q. 11. (C)Indicate whether following statements are True or False (Each question carries 1 marks, Total = 5 marks)

(i) Carnot cycle is practically impossible.
(ii) Frictional power is greater than indicated power.
(iii)Any reversible process can be replaced by two reversible adiabatic and one Isothermal process.
(iv)By 2 law, Net heat supplied not equal to Net work done.
(v) Composition of air by mass is N2=77%,O2=23%


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