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2006 Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth B.Tech Electrical Engineering B-Tech (Digital Electronics) University Question paper

Course: B.Tech Electrical Engineering   University/board: Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth

TIME : 3 HRS Maximum Marks :75

1. Question paper is divided into Group A, Group B, and Group C
2. Each Group is of 25 marks.
3. Figure to the right in bracket indicate Marks.
4. Good Handwriting is expected.

Group- A (25 Marks)
Answer any three questions (Question 1 is compulsory)
Q.1 Explain Basic adder circuit with truth table? (5)
Q.2 What is meant by Gray code? How do convert binary to gray code with examples? (10)
Q.3 What is multiplexer? Explain 16:1 multiplexer. (10)
Q.4 What do you mean by shift left & shift right register? (10)
Q.5a) Explain OR Gate. (10)
b) Explain NOR Gate.
c) Explain Exclusive-OR Gate.
Group – B (25 Marks)

Answer any Three Questions ( Question 6 is compulsory):
Q.6 Explain the laws of Boolean algebra. (5)
Q.7 a) Convert (111101100)2 to octal equivalent. (10)
b) Convert (567)8 to decimal equivalent.
c) Convert (567.25)10 to binary number.
Q.8 Multiply (11101)2 x (011)2 using repeated add & right shift algorithm. (10)
Q.9 What is counter? Explain the ring counter concept. (10)
Q.10 a) Add (-110) & -32 using 2's complment method. (10)
b) Perform addition in binary (372.53)8 +(26.03)8

Group – C (25 Marks)
Q. 11 (A) Fill in the Blanks ( Each question carries 2 marks, Total= 10 marks)
1) 1 byte is equal to________________________
2) A 4bit parallel adder can add____________________
3) (5)8+(1)8=______________________________
4) Floating point numbers are expressed in the form of___________________
5) Ripple counter is called as _____________________________.

(B) Multiple choice Question (Each question carries 2 marks, Total= 10 marks)

1) The radix of Hexadecimal number is________________________
a) 8 b)16 c)10 d) 2
2) The Excess 3 BCD Code for (1111)2 is_________________________
a) (1000)2 b) (10010)2 c) (0001)2 d) none of these
3) In general multiplexer the output lines are___________________
a) n b)2n c) n-1 d) n+1
4) Minimum number of flipflop needed to construct a BCD counter is _______________
a) 4 b)3 c) 10 d) none of these
5) OR gate is expressed by logic expression_____________________
a) Y=A+B b)Y=A-B c) Y=A.B d) Y=A?B

(C) Indicate whether following statements are True or False (Each question carries 1 marks, Total= 5 marks)
1. The total number of 1's in the data bit string becomes even that parity is called Even parity.
2. Hamming code is used to correcting single bit errors on message of any length.
3. The binary number has radix 8.
4. One shot is a type of timer.
5. Distributive law is A(B+C)=AB+AC.


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