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2006 Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth B.Tech Electrical Engineering B-tech Electrical (ELECTRICAL MACHINES) University Question paper

Course: B.Tech Electrical Engineering   University/board: Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth

TIME : 3 HRS Maximum Marks :75

1. Question paper is divided into Group A, Group B, and Group C
2. Each Group is of 25 marks.
3. Figure to the right in bracket indicate Marks.
4. Good Handwriting is expected.
Group– A (25 Marks)
Answer any Three Questions : ( Question 1 is compulsory )

1. Explain the structure of atom concept with neat diagram. (5)
2. Explain the construction details of DC Machine with neat diagram. (10)
3 Discuss the thevenin's theorem & define the reciprocity theorem ? (10)
4 Discuss the working principle of alternator what is the constructional details of a synchronoõs machine. (10)
3. Explain the EMF equation of alternator. (10)

Group – B (25 Marks)

Answer any Three Questions : ( Question 6 is compulsory )

6. Determine the current distribution in each branch for the circuit. (5)

7. Use loop current analysis to find the currents in the different branches. (10)

8. Calculate the capacitance of the metal plates of are 4 m2 and separated by a dielectric of 3mm thick and of relative permittivity 6. If the electric field strength in the dielectric is 600 v/m. Calculate the total charge on each plate. (10)
9. Derive the EMF equation of DC Machine. (10)

10. Use super position theorem to find the current in different branches of the circuit.

Group– C (25 Marks)

Q. 11 (A) Fill in the Blanks ( Each question carries 2 marks, Total= 10 marks)

1. One charge is equal to _______________ electrons.
2. The operation of electrical generator is based on the principle of _____________.
3. The operation of transformer is based on the principle of ___________________.
4. The shape of the commutator is ________________ .
5. The relative permittivity of mica is _______________ .

(B) Multiple choice Question (Each question carries 2 marks, Total= 10 marks)
1. Unit of capacitor is
a) Hentry b) Farad
c) Ohm d) Mho
2. The electron in the outer most orbit is
a) Free electron b) Valence electrons
c) Charge electrons d) Flow electrons
3. Auto transformer is
a) two winding transformer b) one winding transformer
c) three winding transformer d) four winding transformer
4. Transformer core is made of
a) Laminated sheets of silicon steel b) bronze
c) iron d) Nickel
5. AC current is obtained from
a) battery b) rectifier
c) dc generator d) ac generator
(C) Indicate whether following statements are True or False (Each question carries 1 marks, Total= 5 marks)

1. Damper winding is used to reduce the fluctuations in speed.
2. Induction meter used in Industries.
3. The conventional current flow is movement of positive charges.
4. Short circuit test is also called as no load test.
5. In loop current analysis equation are based on Faraday's law.

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