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2008 Punjab Technical University Civil B.E. ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS Question paper

Course: B.E.   University/board: Punjab Technical University


Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100

NOTE: There are 9 Questions in all.
• Question 1 is compulsory and carries 20 marks. Answer to Q. 1. must be written in the space provided for it in the answer book supplied and nowhere else.
• Out of the remaining EIGHT Questions answer any FIVE Questions. Each question carries 16 marks.
• Any required data not explicitly given, may be suitably assumed and stated.

Q.1 Choose the correct or best alternative in the following: (2x10)

a. A business analyst focuses on only the

(A) Technical aspects (B) Non-technical aspects
(C) Informational aspects (D) Security aspects

b. Resource leveling is a strategy for correcting

(A) Overuse of resources
(B) Resource under allocation
(C) Resource over allocation.
(D) Delay in availability of resources

c. Which of these is not a fact-finding technique

(A) Joint requirements planning
(B) Programming
(C) Prototyping
(D) Observation of the work environment

d. Which of the following is not a synonym for a Data flow diagram (DFD)

(A) Operational graph
(B) Transformation graph
(C) Bubble chart
(D) Process Model

e. Which of the following techniques is not used in Economic Feasibility
(A) Whether the proposed system is cost effective
(B) Whether the proposed system will generate larger profits or not
(C) How much will the system cost
(D) What benefits will the system provide

f. A project scheduling approach that establishes a project start date and then schedules forward from that date is called

(A) Forward scheduling (B) Time scheduling
(C) Reverse scheduling (D) Front scheduling

g. An entity whose attribute have no-more than one value for a single instance of that entity is known as

(A) First normal form (B) Second normal form
(C) Third normal form (D) None of the above

h. A bar chart used to depict project tasks against a calendar is known as

(A) CPM (B) PERT chart
(C) GANTT chart (D) None of the above

i. A data model utilizing several notation to depict data in terms of the entities and relationships described by that data is known as

(A) Data modeling (B) Decomposition diagram
(C) Entity relationship diagram (D) All of the above

j. Which one of the following is a tangible benefit?

(A) Improved customer goodwill.
(B) Improved service to community.
(C) Increased throughput.
(D) Better decision making.

Answer any FIVE Questions out of EIGHT Questions.
Each question carries 16 marks.

Q.2 a. What is a system development process? Identify and explain the four phases of the simplified system development process. (6)

b. Differentiate between business functions and business processes. (4)

c. Define the following:
(i) System Owner
(ii) System User
(iii) System Designer (6)

Q.3 a. What is the Capability Maturity Model (CMM)? Describe its five levels and state which level is dependent on the establishment of a system development process? (6)

b. What is the rapid application development strategy? List advantages and disadvantages of RAD. (6)

c. Differentiate between component & deployment diagram. (4)

Q.4 a. What is System Analysis? List and describe the purpose of each phase of system Analysis. (6)

b. What is cause and effect analysis? What is the risk of not performing it? (4)

c. What is time boxing? How is it related to requirement prioritizations? (6)
Q.5 a. Discuss the stages of developing a logical data model. (6)

b. What is transitive dependency? During which normal form are transitive dependencies resolved? Give an example of transitive dependency. (4)

c. Define: (6)
(i) Data flows
(ii) Data stores
(iii) External entities (6)

Q.6 a. What is the difference between fixed and variable costs? Give several examples of each. (4)

b. Define class diagram model. Draw a class diagram model to communicate the following : ABC corporation has several employees. The company keeps track of each employee's FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME, LAST NAME, GENDER, ADDRESS, BIRTHDATE. Some are permanent employees and the company is interested in each one's ANNUAL SALARY. Others are hourly employees and for them the company is interested in knowing each one's HOURLY PAY RATE. (6)

c. Differentiate between
(i) System Analysis & System Design.
(ii) Coupling & Cohesion.
(iii) Partitioned & Replicated Data. (6)

Q.7 a. Explain the relationship between prototyping, JAD and RAD. (6)

b. Differentiate between logical and physical data flow diagrams. (4)

c. Define Software metrics. Give two examples of Software metrics. How are software metrics used in systems reengineering? (6)

Q.8 a. What are the four tests for project feasibility? How is test for feasibility measured. (8 )

b. Define sequence and collaboration diagrams? What are the three additional design and implementation diagrams offered by UML? Define them. (4)

c. What is a statechart diagram used for? What activities are to be performed for its construction. (4)

Q.9 a. Discuss the various aspects of designing input screens for an application that will contain a GUI appearance. Give examples to show the usage of control objects and justify why any other control object could not have been used. (6)

b. Write a short note on various types of testing techniques used before the implementation of the software. (6)

c. Define the term object responsibility. Give an example. (4)

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