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2007 Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth B.Tech. Mining Engineering AVIONICS – I University Question paper

Course: B.Tech. Mining Engineering   University/board: Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth


1. Question paper is divided into three groups
2. Each group is of 25 marks each
3. Figure to the right in bracket indicates mark
4. Assume suitable data if necessary
GROUP A: Answer any three questions. Question No. 1 is compulsory.
Q.1. What are the disadvantages of J3E with respect to A3E? (5)
Q.2. Prove, with a diagram, that electromagnetic waves passing from a denser to a rarer medium are bent away from the normal . ? (10)
Q.3. Discuss the reflection mechanism whereby electromagnetic waves are bent back by a layer of the ionosphere. Include in your discussion a description of the virtual height of a layer. The fact that the virtual height is greater than the actual height proves something about the reflection mechanism. What is this ? (10)
Q.4. Derive the Hartley law (verbally ) for binary code, using the CCITT-2 code to prove the relation ? (10)
Q.5. In what way is pulse-code modulation different from other modulation systems, pulse or otherwise, previously studied? What makes it a digital system ? (10)
GROUP B: Answer any three questions. Question No. 6 is compulsory.
Q.6. The tuned circuit of the oscillator in a sample AM transmitter employs a 50 microhenry (50- coil and a 1-nanofarad (1-nF) capacitor. If the oscillator output is modulated by audio frequencies up to 10 kHz. What is the frequency range occupied by the sidebands? (5)
Q.7. 3-kW source. Both are assumed to be omnidirectional point soruces. The second value is incidentally, the equivalent power density on the ground from a communications satellite in orbit. (10)
Q.8. A deep-space high-gain antenna and receiver system have a noise figure such that a minimum received power of 3.7 x 10-18 is required for satisfactory communication. What must be the transmitting power from a Jupiter probe, situated 800 million km from the earth ? Assume that the transmitting antenna is isotropic, and the equivalent area of the receiving antenna has an Area of 8400 m2 (10)
Q.9. An HF radio system is used to transmit information by means of a binary code. The transmitting power is 50 W, and the noise level at the receiver input is such that the consequent error rate is just acceptable. The operator now decides to double the information flow rate by using a four – level code instead of the binary code. To what level must the transmitting power be raised to retain the same error rate ? (10)
Q.10. At the input to the receiver of a standard telephone channel, the noise power is 50 W and the signal to power is 20 mW. Calculate the Shannon limit for the capacity of the above channel under these conditions., and then when the signal power is halved. ? (10)

GROUP C: All Questions are Compulsory.
Q.11 Fill in the blanks (each question carries 2 marks)
(i) The behaviour of waves in circular waveguide is the same as in __________ .
(ii) The physical length of the antenna must equal __________ of the transmitte signal.
(iii) The antenna must have the ability to match the __________.
(iv) The phenomenon of known as __________.
(v) __________ is define as the choice of finite set of message.

Q.12 Multiple choice question. (Each question carries 2 marks)
(i) Indicate which of the following is not a binary code
(a) morse (b) baudot (c) ccitt – 2. (d) arq.
(ii) __________ is a low power efficiency micro wave oscillator
(a) cfa (b)coaxialmagnetron (c)reflex (d)traveling wave magnetron
(iii) __________ can evan measure the direction of the target, in addition to its speed.
(a) the mti system (b) moving target plotting on the ppi (c) fm radar(d) cw radar
(iv) Indicate the antenna that is not wide band.
(a) discone (b) folded dipole (c) helical (d) marconi
(v) The basic supergroup is formed in
(a) gte (b) cte (c) fdm (d) tdmQ.13

True or false (each question carries 1 mark).
(i) Modulation is used to reduce the bandwidth .
(ii) In an SSB transmitter, one is most likely to find a tuned modulator .
(iii) The absorption of radio waves by the atmosphere depends on their frequency .
(iv) The most common modulation system used for telegraphy is pulse code modulation .
(v) The SWR on transmission line is infinity , if line is terminated in a complex impedance.


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